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Creative Award Makers

Do you want to recognise someone or a group of people for their success, ability, struggle, effort or excellence? Do you need awards that will not undermine the achievements of those men and women you intend to honour? Look for creative award makers that will satisfy your needs.

Do not undermine the importance of awards. They are usually not accompanied by a money token, but they have helped many people to win fame, honour and wealth. Additionally, they work as a catalyst to work toward achievement in our communities and fields of work. That’s a beneficial aspect because it significantly changes our lives and societies. 

So when you are looking for awards, you need to look for someone who will integrate your ideas into the design of the best custom awards that will satisfy your needs. It’s only creative award makers that can craft for you such awards. But mere custom award sellers only buy and sell already manufactured awards for a profit. They don’t make them. Therefore, it’s hard to integrate your ideas during the manufacturing process.

Goleza Designers are creative award makers in Uganda that will always work to fulfil your dream. We don’t import awards to sell as other award sellers do around Kampala. No! Instead, we manufacture them because we believe in personalisation and uniqueness. We, therefore, make custom awards. We first understand our clients’ brands and boldly propose their unique designs.

Why Goleza Designers Are Creative Accolade Makers To Partner With

#1 – Creativity

Goleza Designers, unlike most engravers in Uganda, are innovative engravers. We do not just engrave, but we imagine, design and then create our shapes. All our clients come with helpful ideas about what they want. And with our ability to develop any award design they want, we work around what they have in mind to have wonderfully designed awards.

#2 – Uniqueness

What makes us stand out as one of the leading creative award makers in Uganda is the aspect of focusing on uniqueness. All our awards are unique in design and material composition. We usually work towards giving our clients something special for their occasions.

Wood Acrylic Award

Wood Acrylic Award

#3 – Eco-Friendly

We offer the highest quality in eco-friendly awards in Uganda because we mix local materials like wood with Perspex to create wonderfully designed accolades that appeal to everyone.

#4 – Custom Awards

As already said, we make all the awards from our workshop tailored to the clients’ needs. As creative award makers, we can create custom designs that express the values and ideals of the customers.

#5 – High-Perceived Value

Most people doubt whether we make these awards in Uganda when they see them. They tend to think that we import them from abroad because of their high perceived value, elegance and perfectionism in making them.

#6 – Turnaround Time

The time it takes to produce an award is short, indeed. We have handled big orders of about 100 awards in about 4 to five days. Usually, we accomplish small orders within not more than two days.

#7 – Affordability

Most awards in Uganda go for more than USD 80. But we offer our A5 size custom awards at not more than 40 dollars if you are making more than five awards. That’s a competitive price considering the quality of awards we produce.


If you are planning to recognise people or groups of people in your organisation, think of visiting Goleza Designers to make your order. We are leading creative award makers in Uganda that will never disappoint you. All our customers have always expressed satisfaction with our products.

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  1. Mugabi David

    Hello, I want to make an award which am to present to the best run up of my contests.

    Contact me and we talk more on 0756412103

  2. Tiir john

    I am in need of an award trophy design for my company, please.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Please get in touch with us through this telephone contact for further arrangements when you’re ready +256-772327373


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