Acrylic Wood Awards Stand Out with High Perceived Value. Assured!

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Acrylic Wood Awards

Acrylic Wood Award

Acrylic wood awards are a speciality at Goleza Designers. When we thought of venturing into award making, we wanted to provide our customers with custom awards. Secondly, we wanted to create awards that are unique in design with a high perceived value. It’s why most of our custom awards consist of mainly translucent Perspex accentuated with wood pieces. With a combination of acrylic and wood, we create awards of distinction with genuinely modern designs.

If you are looking for custom awards with a distinction, acrylic wood awards from Goleza Designers Limited are unbeatable in design, uniqueness and perceived value. We beat most of the award makers in Uganda because we research and invest in new ideas to enhance our creativity. It’s why we have created a wide selection of award designs to meet the varying needs of our customers. And from time to time, we develop new ones to provide you with high-quality acrylic wood awards.

3 Reasons why Goleza Acrylic Wood Awards Should Be Your No. 1 Choice

When we ventured into award making, we wanted to offer our customers distinctive awards both in design and value. Not only that, but we also wanted to promote our local products and encourage productivity in our country. Here are, therefore, three reasons why you should consider buying acrylic wood awards from Goleza Designers Ltd.

#1 – Beauty of Wood

Our awards comprise of acrylic and wood. Acrylic is a manufactured product from synthetic resins and textile fibres while wood is a natural product with natural beauty. Acrylic awards, accentuated with wood pieces, bring out the natural beauty of the prizes. By comparison, acrylic wood awards look naturally more beautiful than awards made from only acrylic or glass.

When designing the awards, we give special consideration to the expression of modern award designs where we use wood to enhance the beauty of the awards. The designs we create, completed with wood art pieces, make our awards unique, beautiful, valuable and suitable for any high profile award-giving ceremony in Uganda.

We use local hardwood such as Mahogany, Lusambya (Markhamia lutea), Nkalati (Pachystela brevipes), Muvule (Milicia excelsa), Nkago (Funtumia Elastica) and Nzingu (Mitragyne stipula. You will find all these tree species are in Uganda.

#2 – Promotion of Green Building with Wood in Uganda

In Uganda, acrylic is an imported product, while forest grows naturally locally. We believe in using local materials to produce some of the products we offer. Wood is an excellent choice for making engraved products with very high value because we do not import it.

Secondly, wood is a perfect material for promoting green building in Uganda because it grows naturally, is renewable and doesn’t pollute the environment. If you’re an advocate for green building, it’s a good reason for you to buy products from natural materials like wood.

#3 – Provide a Market for Local Products

Goleza Designers, though still small, provides a demand for wood which we use in making our valuable engraved products. There are three kinds of people who gain: timber dealers, woodworkers and tree planters. As we make the engraved products, those three categories of people benefit either directly or indirectly.

Do you find it prudent to promote local products as a way of productivity and business in Uganda?  Then buying custom acrylic wood products from Goleza Designers is an excellent way of supporting our economy.


Goleza Designers are creative makers of acrylic wood awards with a distinction in uniqueness, design, beauty and value. We make small and big prizes suitable for everything from small office celebrations to large-scale corporate events.

Are you planning an award-giving ceremony in Uganda? Visit us to craft for you awards that are unique, beautiful and valuable. They genuinely communicate the exact messages you want others to know. Our wide selection of acrylic wood awards, low prices and excellent customer service will make finding your perfect award easy.



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