7 Reasons You’ll Love Acrylic Recognition Award Plaques

Acrylic Recognition Award Plaques

We’ve made quite a good number of custom awards. And I think you will agree with me that awards and trophies are an excellent option for recognising, appreciating and thanking people upon their achievements, success or contribution. Acrylic recognition award plaques are one of the award categories that strike many people, especially from the corporate world.

What are Acrylic Recognition Award Plaques?

Let us start by refreshing our understanding of what a plaque is. In simple terms, a plaque or plate is an ornamental tablet, which you fix to a wall in commemoration of a person or event. An award, on the other hand, is a prize you give to someone in honour of an achievement, success or contribution.

A recognition award plaque is, therefore, a prize in the form of a plaque that you give to someone to recognise their achievements, success or contribution. Usually, it has a provision at its back to easily mount it on the wall.

Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets

Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets

With the above simple explanation, it’s now easy to know what acrylic recognition award plaques are. And these are award plaques we make from transparent glass-like material, which we usually refer to as acrylic. But this material has other trade names like Perspex, Plexiglass, Acrylite and much more.

Acrylic for making awards usually comes in different transparent colours and thicknesses. In Uganda, you will find mostly clear acrylic, which looks as colourless as clear glass. Transparent clear or coloured acrylic is so good for making custom awards.

Why choose acrylic recognition award plaques?

If you are short of ideas for your award project, you will not regret when you select this category. People who have ordered for custom award plaques have gotten away happy and willing to return for repeat business. There are nine reasons you will love acrylic recognition award plaques. And they include the following.


Acrylic recognition award plaques are durable. When you make your award plaques from acrylic, you benefit from using sustainable material. There are chances that recognition award plaques made from glass or crystal may break easily. But acrylic is a thermoplastic that is more durable than glass and crystal.


Recognition Award Plaque

Acrylic recognition award plaques are suitable for any prize awarding projects you may come up with in the corporate world. You can use them in various ways. For example, you can use them as:

  • Appreciation awards
  • The employee of the month/year awards
  • Thank You Awards
  • Sponsorship Recognition Awards
  • Volunteer Recognition Awards
  • Memorial Recognition Awards
  • Membership Awards
  • Retirement Award Plaques
  • Project Completion Awards
  • Quality Awards
  • Success Awards and
  • Much more

Custom made

You can customise your awards with graphics, wording, logos, names and designation. Adding a personal touch to the prize is beneficial to the client and one of the reasons why acrylic recognition award plaques are lovable.

Short making time

If you have limited time with strict deadlines for your award giving ceremony, then your best choice would be acrylic award plaques. It’s a hidden secret most clients may not know.

When it comes to making awards: two things happen. There is the machine-making time and hand-making time. The time the machine takes to cut the material depends on how detailed the award design is. But since most plaques have regular shapes, it takes a short time to cut them.

Secondly, fixing the different parts of the awards by hand on the side of the award maker is easy. In a day or two, one has completed over ten awards.

Clear Acrylic Sheets

Clear Acrylic Sheets

Ability to add colour

Acrylic for award making comes in different transparent colours. You can decide not to add colour, and still, your award will look so nice with a crystal clear engraving. But if you so wish, you can add any colour to make the lettering and graphics stand out in the colours of your choice. It helps you to make your awards match the colours of your company brand.

Ability to accommodate more words and graphics

Acrylic recognition award plaques help more in terms of content than other types of awards. If you have a lot of text and graphics to add to your prize, this category is your best choice. Their natural shapes give room for accommodation, more words and graphics.

Beauty / wide range of designs

They look beautiful and classic. When we are making these acrylic recognition award plaques, we back the acrylic with a wooden base and fix the two materials together with the help of standoffs. It makes them look beautiful and pleasant to anyone. Secondly, there is a wide range of designs from which you can select to give your awards a custom touch.


Recognition award plaques we make from acrylic are far cheaper than the ones we make from glass and metal. You get excellent products at a moderate price without compromising on quality.


Giving awards is one of the best ways of appreciating, thanking and recognising employees, sponsors or something for their achievement, success and contribution. When you opt for acrylic recognition award plaques, you will enjoy the benefits I have mentioned above.

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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