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customer support provided in form of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on GDL products and services

Turning Images Into Real Objects

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How Do You Refill The Stamp With Ink?

To refill your stamp with ink, visit the Refill Ink Page to be guided on how to refill your Brother Pre-inked stamp.

Can I Use Any Ink Found On The Market?

No, not any ink you see on the market is suitable for your stamp. The ink used in Brother stamps, supplied by Goleza Designers Limited, is fast-drying. If you use any other ink not recommended by the manufacturer, you risk spoiling your stamp. We strongly recommend Brother Refill Ink available at GDL.

Where Can I Find The Ink?

The easiest way is to visit our store and buy the ink. You can also contact us by phone or email. We shall immediately deliver to you the ink you want. Click here for our Contacts!

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