Patterned Business Card Holders That Make a Difference in your Office

Jul 24, 2016 | Engraved Products | 2 comments

business card holders

Patterned Business Card Holders

Business card holders, laser-cut from wood, are an innovation in Uganda.  Yes, they are. Though the number of laser engravers is increasing, creativity and the ability to use the laser effectively is still lacking in Uganda. Most people are still limiting themselves to making stamps, signage, plaques, awards and other usual engraved items. Maybe that’s where they see quick money. Perhaps they are the things most Ugandans usually see.

Believably, the laser machine’s ability to mark and cut many materials makes it a fantastic tool. It makes it a versatile machine. It’s indeed a small manufacturing machine.  But to use it effectively and profitably, one has to think outside the box. Thinking outside the box requires a creative mind, hence, innovative engraving.

Through innovative engraving, engravers have come up with new products that appeal to people. For example, business card holders, cut from wood, are a must-have in your office.

Why Are Laser-cut Wooden Business Cardholders Suitable for your Office?

First, if you have been looking for a way of keeping the business cards you give out to others, these laser-cut wooden business card holders could solve your problem. They are perfect office accessories, which measure 4 inches x 2 ½ inches x 3 inches. They can contain over 200 business cards.

Secondly, the business card holders are beautiful. They are suitable for offices in the corporate world. They are so appealing. They catch the eye of everyone that comes to your office.

Thirdly, they are unique and are an innovation in Uganda.  The secret behind their uniqueness and beauty are the patterns. We make them using beautifully patterned designs. These are patterns you will rarely find elsewhere. Why? We develop them through creativity.

Fourthly, these patterned business card holders are user-friendly. You can place them on your desk. You can also hook them on the wall or elsewhere. They look so lovely on the wall. You have to put a small nail on the wall for hanging it.

Last but not least, they can be custom-made. You can customise your business card holders with your company logo and text. By so doing, you make them appear even more unique.

How We Make the Business Cardholders

We make these business cardholders from local hardwood, cut into thicknesses of 3 mm. The wood is always dry. With the aid of a computer, graphics designing software and laser system, we cut the intricate designs in timber to create the sides of the holder. We then use strong wood adhesive to fix them together.

In conclusion, small things matter a lot. But most people overlook them. Laser-cut patterned business card holders, small as they are, are an excellent addition to your office. They are appealing and unique. Have you liked them?

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