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Goleza Shop – An Online Store for Engraved Products and Gifts in Uganda

Since March 2020, we haven’t been blogging for our readership. It’s not that we had gone out of blogging ideas and lost commitment. The reason was that we developed an ardent need to establish Goleza shop, an online store for our engraved products, personalised gifts …

Think to Create Multiple Streams of Income to Become Financially Secure

Relying on one income stream is risky in modern times. Situations change. And it’s important for things to change when you’re prepared. Thinking to create multiple streams of income does not only ensure your continued survival but also a great way of accumulating wealth

Real Online Income – How To Build Your SFI Business To Earn Real Income

SFI provides a real online income to anyone who desires to start an online home business. Selecting SFI as your online income source is a great way of ensuring your financial stability in future. You can earn a real online income within two months after joining SFI….

Ugandans, Beware of the Changing Business Environment!

Not many people in Uganda intending to start a business bother so much to reflect on the context in which they operate. It’s one of the reasons why many business start-ups cannot survive more than the first five years. But to build a sustainable business enterprise ….

Can One Make Money Online for a Meaningful Living?

Can One Make Money Online for a Meaningful Living?

Is it possible to make money online? Many people ask themselves this question, and sometimes they don’t get good responses to the questions. One day my colleague asked me that same question. Before I could answer the question, she asked me another one, “How much money …

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