Targeted Free Advertising, Is It A Solution To Your Marketing Needs?

Targeted Free AdvertisingUsing targeted free advertising programs is a great way of driving targeted traffic to your internet business. You need website visitors to succeed in your online business. That’s why most marketers use methods like blogging, article marketing, search engine optimization and social media networking. They are striving each day to get visitors to their sites.

Surprisingly, few online marketers venture into advertising. It’s because most of them think that it is costly and for people with money. Indeed, it’s expensive. But if you do not advertise, you cannot make big strides in your business. Fortunately, targeted free advertising is the solution to people who operate their online businesses on a shoestring budget. Think using targeted free advertising to grow your online business!

Targeted free advertising services are provided by many online businesses. However, not all of them have effective advertising programs.  If you plan to advertise your website and/or the affiliate programs you promote, TrafficSwarm provides one of the best and most effective targeted free advertising programs.

How Does Targeted Free Advertising Work With TrafficSwarm?

It’s easy and sometimes a pastime. TrafficSwarm conduct business through a traffic exchange program, where you place your adverts for other members to view them as you also see theirs. Each day a member browses and clicks on the adverts, he/she gets free credits. Credits are the currency used to transact business in TrafficSwarm.

There are two types of membership: free and pro membership. While free members can place not more than 10 adverts on the traffic exchange, Pro members have an unlimited number of adverts they can place on it. You join as a free member. Place your adverts on the traffic exchange and spend each day clicking on other members’ adverts to get the credits to pay for your adverts. That’s how you get targeted free traffic. To some people, it’s fun clicking on the adverts. To others, it’s like a pastime. But whether you see it as a fan or as a pastime, you are advertising your business free of charge.

Some people have limited time to spend on clicking on adverts to get free credits. Others have time to earn free credits by clicking on other people’s adverts. But since free credits may sometimes not be enough to meet their advertising daily needs, they buy credits. The number of credits you buy depends upon the weight of your wallet. The smallest package of 4,000 credits is sold at $40. The biggest package of 200,000 credits is obtainable at $750 (subject to change).

Luckily, TrafficSwarm provides targeted free advertising services where you can advertise your business at no cost. But if you want to make more money, you have to get more targeted traffic. And to get it with TrafficSwarm, you need to upgrade to Pro membership.

As a Pro member, you not only advertise your business to make money, you also earn a commission from people you recommend to join the advertising platform. That’s where the real business is. Pro members pay a monthly subscription fee not exceeding $30. This goes with added advantages, which include the following:

Earning commission

You earn $10 direct commission on each team member who upgrades to Pro membership. And if he remains a Pro member, you earn $5 from him every month. When he refers other Pro members and they also do the same, you earn $4, $3, $2 and $1 from your downlines on levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. Isn’t that a good deal?

Free monthly credits

Each month, you earn 5,000 free credits which you use to advertise your business online. The free 5,000 credits you get by being a Pro and the credits you earn through surfing adverts displayed on the traffic exchange are some of the benefits of using the targeted free advertising program offered by TrafficSwarm.


TrafficSwarm offers a wide range of bonuses to Pro members such as 100 free credits for referring new members, 10% off the credits purchased, 2 daily credits on your first 20 start page clicks a credit each time your 1st level downline clicks on a  link on their start page. Credits mean more visitors to your site. More visitors mean more money. Do you see how it works?

Receiving priority review and approval

Your sites receive priority reviews and approval status fast. This translates into more business for you.

Special discounts

You get good discounts on many products promoted by TrafficSwarm. The discounts start from 15% going upwards on items you buy from sites recommended by TrafficSwarm for your day-to-day use.

Final Thought

Finally, online business shrives mostly on getting targeted traffic. You can only count yourself to be in business if your business receives free visitors. One of the methods I use to get traffic to my site is the targeted free advertising program offered by TrafficSwarm.

If you need to join this free advertising program, please click on the banner below.

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