Engraved Soccer Teams Keychains For Football Lovers

Engraved Soccer Teams KeychainsFootball is the most popular sport which entertains many people. In Uganda, most youths are fans of foreign soccer teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and others. Because of the popularity of the English Premier League, Goleza Designers has developed engraved soccer teams keychains with logos and slogans of several sports clubs for soccer lovers.

If you’re an English Premier League fan, and you want to show support for your club, you can order for one. And if you’re a business-minded person, we can produce them in big numbers at significantly discounted rates for you to make money. It’s a great business opportunity.

These engraved soccer teams keychains also make memorable gift ideas. When you give one to your loved ones or friends who love football, it pleases them so much. It’s such a memorable present, especially when you engrave it with a logo of their favourite soccer clubs.

Features of these engraved soccer teams keychains

Arsenal Engraved Soccer KeychainAs you already know, a keychain comprises of a keyring where you fix the key, a chain linking the ring to the item attached to it. Our soccer teams keychains, therefore, consist of three components: the ring, the chain and the object you hold in your hand.

We make these keychains by cutting the shapes from a plastic material (also known as acrylic). Then we engrave the artwork on thin wooden pieces which we attach firmly to the acrylic piece on both sides to create an attractive appearance.

We put the logo of any soccer club on one side and its slogan on the other side. Currently, we have developed keychains of soccer teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea. Eventually, we shall include all other prominent football teams around the world.

Liverpool Engraved Soccer KeychainWe have created long-lasting keychains. Initially, we were making them from only wood. But when we realised that wood alone was not offering durable keychains, we changed to using Perspex enhanced with wood thins.

Final thought

Are you looking for a unique engraved keychain with a logo of your favourite soccer team? Do you want a personalised gift for a friend who is a football fan? Do you want to make money out of these unique products? Come to our shop to make your orders.

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