Forge-proof Rubber Stamps are a Solution to your Security

Forge-proof Rubber StampsForgery using a rubber stamp is common nowadays. Very often, you hear stories of forged documents like land titles,  academic credentials, travel and immigration papers, receipts, and much more.  One of the proven ways to minimise such fraud cases is by using forge-proof rubber stamps.

What are forge-proof rubber stamps?

Most people rarely accept that there exist rubber stamps which cannot get forged. They don’t believe it’s possible to have one that unprofessional stamp makers will find complicated to duplicate.  And this is one we create with security features that prevent easy copying.

brother pre-inked stamps

The best brand we have identified that produces forge-proof rubber stamps is Brother. Unlike the usual conventional rubber stamps, Brother pre-inked rubber stamps have in-built features which you use to strengthen your security. These features make it so hard for any other stamp maker to reproduce your rubber stamp. And by so doing, you minimise risks of forgery, unless one steals it from you and uses it fraudulently.

How do we make your rubber stamp forge-proof?

We can strengthen the security of your rubber stamp in the following ways.

#1. Using image special effects

Company logos are some of the features most customers always want to integrate into their rubber stamps. These logos create brand recognition. They are useful tools for communicating the brand identity of your company.

We can strengthen the security of your rubber stamps by adding special effects to the company logo or any other graphics of your choice by

  • creating watermarks in the rubber stamp background.
  • using photo enhancing features. In this case, the logo will appear like a real photo, shading from lightness to darkness depending on its design.

#2. Adding special effects to the text

Stamp Font EffectsBy adding special effects to the text of your rubber stamp, we protect it against forgery because they are not easy to duplicate.  You can follow this link on stamp font effects to view them.

#3. Using unique symbols as separators

Symbols help to separate words in rubber stamps. The commonest symbol is a star, which almost every stamp maker in Uganda uses. But there are many others from which you can make a selection to make you rubber stamp forge-proof and unique.

#4. Using unique stamp frames

Decorative Rubber Stamp FramesA rubber stamp frame is just a border surrounding text. The most popular frames consist of a continuous or dotted line. Sometimes people use two lines varying in weight. And we refer to such borders as simple stamp frames.

Most rubber stamp makers use simple frames. But if you want something different and unique, you can choose from our wide selection of special rubber stamp frames or decorative rubber stamp frames. These uncommon stamp frames can enhance your protection against counterfeiting.

How else can we make your rubber stamps forge-proof?

Apart from the four ways, which we have discussed above, there are others you can consider using.

#5. Use a unique font type

Stamp Font SelectionMost people use common font types like Arial and Times New Roman. But there are countless fonts from which you can select one that people will not quickly duplicate.



#6. Play with the font size

Instead of using one font size throughout, you can consider varying text size. For instance, the company name can be bold and bigger than other text.  As a tip, small but clear characters are so difficult to copy.

#7. Add clipart

We have a wide selection of clipart which you can integrate into your rubber stamp to make it forge-proof. We have unique images of animals, occupations, businesses and much more. For example, if you’re a medical doctor, you can use one that depicts the doctor’s image as your logo. And if you’re a florist, you use a flower related to your business.

This clipart can work as a logo. Secondly, it can enhance the security of your rubber stamp because it makes it difficult to duplicate.

 Why do people forge rubber stamps?

Though it’s illegal, people risk imprisonment willingly because of the opportunities for making quick money. In Uganda, people see it as a quick route to success when they forge documents. Rubber stamps are some of the things people easily reproduce to append on the forged documents.

How can you guard against forgery of rubber stamps?

First, have all your rubber stamps made by professional rubber stamp makers.

Secondly, integrate forge-proof features into your rubber stamps. Features like watermarks will make it difficult for fraudulent people to reproduce them.

Thirdly, keep your rubber stamps securely so that they don’t land into the hands of people who will use them fraudulently.


Forgery of rubber stamps is rampant. When people reproduce your rubber stamp for fraudulent acts, you can quickly lose money and assets. So it’s advisable to protect yourself against such risks by making forge-proof rubber stamps with professionals.



Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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