How to Write an Effective Article Resource Box to Boost your Online Business

article resource boxAn article resource box is a small description about yourself and your business with links to your website. Your article resource box and title are fundamental aspects, to which you should pay particular attention as you write your articles. Your success in article marketing depends mostly on how you write your article titles and resource boxes. In one of my previous articles, I expounded more on how to write effective Website Headlines and article titles. This time around, I would like to talk about how to write a productive article resource box.

Optimising your article resource box should be your priority. By optimising your resource box, I mean that you have to use your main website keywords or keyword phrases as anchor texts to link out to your website.

Example of article resource box

Charles Kiyimba provides popular, proven and Online Home Business Ideas to people who want to start an online home business. Visit now to start your Online Home Business with start-up resources and products that will enable you to create multiple streams of income and to become financially secure in your life.”

Let’s assume the article resource box above is one of the resource boxes to your articles. In that resource box, the keywords or keyword phrases “Online Home Business Ideas” and “Online Home Business” are the anchor texts with live or clickable links to your websites.

The keyword phrase “Online Home Business Ideas” has other keywords embedded in it like “Online Home Business”, “Home Business Ideas”, “Home Business” and “Business Ideas”. It is another crucial factor when creating keywords for your website. Using a keyword phrase in which you can embed other keywords is a strategic and effective way of targeting your customers online.

The importance of optimising your article resource box with your website keywords is for visibility purposes with the search engines so that they can easily associate your links in the resource box with your website. As a piece of advice, never use anchor texts in your article resource box that are not related to your website keywords. They will not be beneficial. Using your website keywords is an effective way of writing your resource box.

How do you create an anchor text in for your article resource box?

Resource BoxFor those who don’t know or not yet conversant with HTML codes, all that you have to do is to use your website URL to link the anchor text as in this example: < a href =””Great Home Business Ideas< /a> (leave no gap after “. Replace the words “” by your real website domain name. In this example, the words “Online Home Business Ideas” are the anchor text that will display as a live clickable link directing your readers to your website.

Let’s now focus on the overall content in your article resource box. You should write the resource box carefully to attract your audience to click through the anchored texts to your website where you expect them to perform the desired actions.

How do you then write the content?

First, you should talk briefly about yourself and your business. As you do it, bring out facts on the solutions to your potential customers’ problems that you intend to solve. It’s essential because people buy to solve their problems or to meet their needs. Unless you provide them with a solution to their problems, they won’t be in a position to buy from you. They should find the answer to their challenges in your article resource box.

Secondly, talk about the benefit. In the example above, it’s to “create multiple streams of income and to become financially secure in your life.” People can deal with you if there is some benefit. Many businesses offer excellent home business ideas to start an online home business and at times, better ideas and services than you. But what will be the benefit of dealing with you and not with others? That benefit should come out clearly in your article resource box.

Thirdly, the size or length of your article resource box should be reasonable, not too short and too long. It’s always advisable to limit it to not more than 450 characters. For me, even 450 characters are many. Why? It’s because people don’t have much time to read lengthy resource boxes. If one is able to read your article up to where you have your resource box, he may not have the time to continue. It’s the reason why I prefer having a resource box that is precisely written but with the above elements.

Fourthly, call for action. Never assume that it’s enough to put the links and to say all that you need to tell about yourself and business. It’s not enough. Ask them to visit your website, for example. It’s another way of persuading them to perform the desired actions.

Final word

Let me conclude by reminding you that when writing your articles, pay special attention to how you write your resource box and how you phrase your titles. Those two aspects are very crucial to the effectiveness of your articles and the success of your article marketing campaigns and business.

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!



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