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In one of the blog posts I wrote about how top bloggers make money online, I mentioned freelancing as one of their income sources. When one of my followers read it, she wrote me an email of appreciation because this article gave her a lot of food for thought about starting a freelance business.

She didn’t know where and how to start a freelance business. After searching around the internet, she landed on a helpful guide to starting a freelancing career thanks to the inspiration she got from my article. She generously suggested to me to add it to our website for the benefit of people like her, who want to start a freelance business but feel a bit lost because they don’t know where to begin. I, therefore, dedicate this post to Paola Mesber for inspiring me too to write this article.


What is a Freelance Business?



Freelance Business Entrepreneur

Before going far, let’s first understand what freelancing is all about. What is freelancing? How does it work, and what does a freelancer do? Well, most people when they finish their studies, they look for a job in government, NGOs or private companies. With this kind of situation, you have a legendary career where you work for others to earn a salary.

Freelancing is a different way of working. Instead of working for a company in one specific job, freelancers employ themselves. They’re self-employed and get work through a variety of sources. They look for clients who hire them to offer a service or complete a project. It means that they can have several projects at any one time for different customers. They’re skilled people each in their field of expertise.

A freelance business is, therefore, a business where you work on a self-employed basis. It requires skills in a specific field. You can run your freelance business offline. But establishing your online presence is more effective and rewarding. If you have the expertise and you don’t have a job or tired of working for others, it could be a better option to think about starting a freelance business.

Freelance Business vs Working for Others

I am a strong advocate for self-employment as opposed to holding on a legendary career. Why? Below are my reasons. Click on each tab to read them.

Meaningful Employment Isn’t Easy Nowadays

In a country like Uganda, where the job market is limited to a handful of people, thinking about employing yourself is better. With the skills you have, you cannot fail to find something to do to engage yourself. Become a bit serious and start a freelance business.

Having No Control Is Hectic

There’s nothing as good as being your boss. As an employee, you have little control over what happens on your job. For instance, you have no say or little say in the following:

  • Picking workmates – you don’t have control over who to recruit to work with you. Your employer decides when and who to bring. Even when you feel overwhelmed with the work and need another person, it can only work if your employer agrees.
  • Retirement plan – you have no control over which retirement plan is right for you. Your retirement plan is what your employer tells you it will be. Whether it’s good or bad, you don’t have your input. Even when it comes to how to invest your money, you have no control over it.
  • Taking time off – you have less say about when you take time off and how much you can take. Most employers want to see you working because when you’re on leave, you’re not making them any money. I know many employees who don’t take leave for fear of losing their jobs. And it has happened, in a government institution I will not mention, someone went for a vacation and the person they brought to temporarily step in refused to leave the place when the office bearer returned from leave.

In one of the places I once worked, yes, I could take a 31-calendar vacation in a year. But many times, the employer had much say on when to take it. Secondly, the employer could tell you to break it down into two weeks so that you take two weeks in January and two weeks in December. And this is when they know there is little demanding work.

  • Salary – you don’t decide on the pay to earn. And you can work for long without any salary increment. If it’s there, it’s only peanuts. I remember an organisation where they used to give us an annual increase of 5% to cater for inflation. Even if they give you a bigger salary, it only keeps you a slave to your employer because you dance to their tune.

Being Fired Any Time Worries Many Employees

Yes, you’re employed but working at their mercy. Your employers can immediately terminate you if they feel you’re not doing what they want. Even if they are on good terms with| you and appreciate your work, situations change. When conditions change, they may lead to termination of your services. You have a job today; tomorrow you may not have it. It’s why you should consider starting a freelance business to run alongside your current employment.

Tax Laws Aren’t Favorable To Employees

The tax laws are not at all in any favour of the employee but the employer. The employer passes on the tax burden to the employee in the form of PAYE.

Into Which Freelance Niche Can You Venture?

There are many freelance business opportunities around the world. If you think to become a freelancer, I have identified a relatively comprehensive resource from which you cannot fail to recognise one. Even if you don’t see one suitable for you, the list will inspire you to think faster and, hopefully, help you to make your niche discovery.

If you seriously want to become a freelancer but don’t know where to begin, Forbes has a long list of freelance business ideas that you can learn by clicking on the image below. Anything on that page, including other related topics, is helpful. Take your time to read it all!

Freelance Business Opportunities

How do you start a Freelance Business? – Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Freelance.

You may have an excellent freelance business idea, but you don’t know where to begin. As I promised you in the beginning, Paola Mesber came across a comprehensive guide, which I would like to share with you. Hopefully, you will easily find your way to starting your own freelance business. This guide is by Bethenny Carl, a digital marketer. Click on the image below and take your time to read it to the end.

Ultimate Guide Becoming Freelancer

Final Thoughts

Getting into self-employment is good and has numerous benefits. Freelancing is a great way to get into self-employment even when you have a full-time job. There are many freelance business opportunities around the world. If you want to become a prosperous freelancer and didn’t know where to start from, read the two useful resources I have shared with you above. You will have a deeper understanding of which niche to venture into and how to go about it.

Secondly, make sure that you establish your freelance business online because if you don’t have a website, people may easily find you.

If you’ve found this article useful, please use the comment section below to give your feedback, additional information or express your appreciation.

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