Email Marketing Is A Great Way Of Targeting Your Customers

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential online marketing method. Collecting your website visitors’ email addresses should be one of your top priorities in your business. As soon as you put up your website, you must begin collecting your visitors’ contacts. Building a list of potential targeted customers is an absolute must. It’s a MUST if you want to succeed with your business online. Building an email list is one of the first lessons I learned.

As a caution, never purchase email lists if you want to succeed in your business! Always think to build your list of targeted and interested customers! Develop your list of subscribers using proven and anti-spam practices! A clean record of subscribers interested in your products or services will lead you to success. Use your list to send out your website and product updates. Use your list to also send out your reminders, follow-up messages and newsletters to your targeted customers!

How does email marketing work?

Email marketing is a method of selling products or services using email messages. You place a web or capture form on your website where every visitor can easily see it. And when interested potential customers sign up, they receive automated pre-written messages, powered by an autoresponder program. And whenever you want to send information or test a new product, you send it to your list of subscribers. You can use unlimited follow-up autoresponders to deliver information to your subscribers and turn them to paying customers.

What are the best email marketing programs?

There are many companies involved in providing email marketing services on the internet. But not every company offers quality services. GetResponse is one of the companies I have found to be having a complete email marketing solution. GetResponse is committed to providing the highest possible email deliverability to ensure your messages get through to your customers. With over 100,000 active accounts, they are capable of handling both small and vast lists of more than one million subscribers.

Why should you consider GetResponse your #1 email marketing solution?


1. Feature-rich email marketing services.

GetResponse provides services that most of its competitors don’t have. You can write hundreds of personalised emails of any length you want and send them to thousands of subscribers. In your emails, you can integrate photos and videos. You can also attach files. You can program your emails in any way you like.

There is a wide range of beautifully designed email templates from which you can select to write appealing emails. You can create newsletters, follow-up messages, and surveys. Secondly, you can add contacts manually or import them from your existing email contacts. Thirdly, you can access and manage data of your prospects’ email addresses. Fourthly, you can also change, edit or update your email messages as many times as you want.

2. Bullet-proof email delivery system.

GetResponse delivers all your emails to your customers. Anti-spam software, blacklists, and filters block emails sent by many other email marketing service providers. But GetResponse has established a strong relationship with major internet and email service providers to ensure that undisrupted delivery of your messages to your prospective customers. They have built-in anti-spam filters to make sure your emails go through undisturbed.

3. Top-class customer support.

Getresponse has simplified everything for their customers. You can use a toll-free telephone to ask them any questions. Secondly, you can use their live chat to receive 24-hour support from Monday to Friday. Thirdly, you can also email them. Alternatively, you can browse their “Online Help” to read the FAQs (frequently asked questions), watch training videos and visit their community forum. With all that kind of support at your disposal, you can never get stuck on how to best use the program.

4. Security and reliability.

Your opt-in lists are 100% safe. Nobody will ever get your inventory and use it as though they own it. You own your subscribers until they choose to opt out. GetResponse is very reliable and credible when it comes to handling their customers’ opt-in lists.

5. Ability to track your autoresponder messages.

GetResponse makes it possible to track the performance of your email messages. You will get to know which emails work for you and which one doesn’t. This information enables you to build your online home business from an informed point of view.

Finally, collecting your visitors’ email addresses is so essential if you want to make money online. GetResponse can effectively enable you to realise this. They have helped many customers to get tangible, measurable results without wasting their time and investing a lot of money. Think email marketing with Getresponse to grow your online home business!

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!



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