Business Blogging is a Proven Way of Marketing Your Business – No Doubt!


Business Blogging

Business blogging is a marketing technique in which you get your business visible online or on the internet. In this digital age, if you don’t establish an online presence for your business, it’s hard to compete favourably. Why? It’s because you lose out on the opportunity to increase your customer base and to get the word out about your business.

There are several ways of getting the word out to people. Business blogging is one of the proven techniques and a perfect marketing strategy for your business. By using this fantastic marketing strategy, you promote your business to get visible online where you will reap many benefits.

What is business blogging?


Before I go further, it’s important first of all to know what business blogging is all about. And I think you’ve always seen a “BLOG” link on the main menu of the websites you visit. When you click on it, it redirects you to the blog of that website.

A blog is an online journal where bloggers display information in chronological order with the latest posts appearing first. Blogging started way back in the 1990s, and at that time, it was more of a personal diary that people shared online.

Later, people saw an opportunity of communicating important information in a new way. They saw a chance to market their businesses, which gave birth to business blogging. It involves integrating a blog on your business website to provide valuable information to your audience regularly. By so doing, you promote or make your business visible on the internet.

Business blogging is different from other personal blogs because you neither blog as a hobby nor as a primary way of making money. A business blog is instead a marketing channel through which you support your business growth.

Is blogging for business easy?

Blogging Business

To some people it’s easy, but to many others, it’s complicated. We’ve created several websites for our clients, who come to us with a lot of enthusiasm to have a website. One out of ten has managed to maintain a blog with regular posts. What does this mean? It merely implies that the majority of people find business blogging difficult.

What makes business blogging difficult?

From my observation, I have noticed the following hindrances that deter people from maintaining a blog.

#1 – Time

Most people tell you they have failed to get time to write posts for their blog. And the fact is that finding time to commit to regular writing isn’t in any way simple to the majority of the people. To get out of this problem, what some businesses do is to employ someone whose job is to manage their websites, blogging inclusive.

#2 – Lack of what to write about

Many times, one can start a blog with a lot of passion. Down the road, they get stuck when they fail to generate ideas on the topics to write. It makes them reach a deadlock, where they make no progress.

#3 – Lack of mastery of the language

If, for example, you cannot write good English, it’s hard for you to maintain a business blog. And you will agree with me that most business people in Uganda fall into this category. It’s one reason why they cannot maintain a blog to promote their businesses online.

#4 – Lack of passion

Passion is a driving force in many things we do. If you’re not passionate about blogging, you can’t focus on it. Because most people are not excited about it, they fail out even if they know its importance.

#5 – Not being knowledgeable about the importance of blogging

Not many people know the importance of business blogging in promoting their businesses. They don’t understand why they should maintain a blog for their businesses. Some people blog just because it’s their hobby, while others do it as their primary way their companies make money. Their blogs are their entire businesses. But business blogging is not about that. It’s about marketing to help the growth of your business.

Business blogging difficult…!  What about hawking?


Simple Blogging Techniques

You may be finding an excuse in one of the reasons I have mentioned above. But one thing you must know is that there is nothing simple on the earth. To maintain a blog for your business, you must commit yourself to it. It’s not about doing it as a hobby or something from which you earn money directly. You are blogging to market your business. It’s the reason why you need to stop giving excuses.

If you still think that business blogging is difficult, have you tried hawking or moving from door to door marketing your business? Which one is harder?

From my personal experience, hawking or door-to-door marketing is harder, more tiresome, frustrating and even expensive. In Uganda, most businesses are so much into hawking and door-to-door marketing. They move from home to home and office to office. They get so tired and sometimes return home without making a sale which is so disappointing. Why? It’s because they move to disinterested people.

My simple advice is that think about blogging to market your business or to grow your business. Through business blogging, you will target the interested customers, and over time, you benefit a lot from your effort. It’s what we do to get real customers.

Discover the benefits of blogging in marketing your business!

If you’re still doubtful, let me further share with you some of the benefits of blogging for your business. Probably, it will help you to wake up and commit yourself to business blogging other than hawking or moving from door to door.

#1 – Driving traffic to your website


Website Visitors

If you have a website, how many pages do you have on it? Probably not more than 50 pages, am I right? Well, you may have established that website five years ago, but still, you do not see much coming from it. Do you know why? It’s because you don’t update your website regularly. There is no new information to attract people to go to it.

Business blogging solves that problem. Through blogging, you make your website active. Whenever you write a blog post, you create one more opportunity for the search engines to index it on your website. And it’s one more opportunity for your site to show up in the search engines for people to find you online.

The more blog posts you write, the more opportunities you create for your business to become visible on the internet. When your website becomes visible online, through the blog posts you make, you attract people to visit it. And these people come from all corners of the world.

Business blogging helps your business to get discovered on the internet through search engines like Google, Yahoo and much more. Secondly, it helps your business to get found through social media because every time you write a post, you create content that people share on their social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. It is what brings traffic (website visitors) to your website.

#2 – Converting website visitors into real customers

Real Buyers

The second benefit of business blogging is turning website visitors into actual customers. Because you have people coming to your website, you stand a chance to convert them into customers.

How do you do it? By adding a call-to-action to every blog post you create. Many times, I put this call-to-action at the end of the blog post. It has helped our business to grow. Most of the new customers we receive nowadays get to know us via the internet.

#3 – Making your website visible

Many companies have websites, but most of these websites are not visible on the internet because they are not active. They are static websites that do not attract search engines to visit them. Business blogging attracts search engines to frequently visit your site to index the new pages you create. It improves your online visibility.

#4 – It’s a low-cost marketing channel

Business blogging is not costly unless you choose to employ someone to do it for you. But if you commit yourself to write the blog posts by yourself, you spend nothing apart from finding time to do it. Other marketing strategies like media, door-to-door marketing, for example, are costly.

#5 – Driving long-term results

Let me explain this point like this. When you write and post an article now, that blog post may get 50 views today and 30 tomorrow when people come to your site or find it on social media. After a few days, the fanfare dies down when you have heard 80 views. You may think that’s all.

That’s not all.

That blog post gets ranked in search engines. It means that after days, weeks, months and years to come, you continue getting traffic from that post. So the effort you put in today to write that blog post continues to reward you with a growing number of views and leads over the years to come. Isn’t that great? How do you compare it with the return from the effort you put in to move from door-to-door?

#6 – Helping you to become an expert


Business Expert

As you write useful posts and publish them, you also answer some of the needs of your customers. It helps you to establish yourself as an authority because you meet their needs. For instance, one of our blog posts on low-cost home business has attracted many comments from our audience who have found it useful. When they read it, they find what they want.

Business blogging, therefore, helps you to become an expert, an authority and an influential person in your niche.

#7 – Competing favourably in your niche

Because you’ve established yourself as an authority in your niche, you stand high chances of competing favourably. People prefer doing business with those who show to them that they are conversant with what they’re doing.

#8 – Ability to know what works and what doesn’t

Through business blogging, you can test the effectiveness of your topics. What is of interest to your audience? You can also get to know where to improve your products. The feedback you get from your audience is so useful in your business.

#9 – Ability to educate your customers

Business IdeaCustomer education is so vital to the success of your business. Through business blogging, you give a chance to your targeted customers to learn about your products or services. The more you teach your people, the more you make it easier for them to become your real clients.

#10 – Communicating with your audience

Through blogging, you make it possible for your targeted customers to communicate with you. It makes you personable and usually done through the comments section below every blog post. Engaging your website visitors is an excellent way of maintaining trusting relationships with them.

How can you make business blogging simple?

One of the toughest things in business blogging is the self-imposed pressure always to write and publish a blog post. It is why most people would try it and stop after some time. But blogging is not all that difficult. It’s the mindset you have that makes you feel that it’s hard.

You don’t always have to write a long blog post. You can write an article as short as 300 words (minimum). What matters is having content that meets your audience’s needs. To simplify business blogging, think about the following.

  • Schedule your blog posts.

Having a blogging schedule makes life easier for you. It reduces the pressure to create blog posts and provides you with soft deadlines. With a program, you won’t stop blogging when your readers expect a new blog post on a specific day.

For instance, we have scheduled to publish our blog posts on Wednesdays and Sundays. The rest of the days in the week, we do our business and only sit to write when we don’t have urgent jobs.

  •  Keep a running list of blogging ideas.

What makes most people fail out is the inability to generate ideas. But if you know your business niche so well, this should not be a big deal. What I always do is to note down whatever good blogging idea that comes to my mind. If you don’t do that, you risk forgetting ideas that would make good blogging topics.

As you blog, always try to answer people’s needs. For instance, I can write about how to maintain your rubber stamp if I see that my clients don’t know how to do it. Whenever a client asks me on how to do it, I refer them to that blog post. That’s how you will find blogging easier.



In modern times, one of the cost-effective ways to bring your business out to the people is through business blogging. If you have a business and you haven’t considered establishing it online, it’s high time you thought about it. At Goleza Designers, we offer WordPress setup services. Get in touch with us not only to set up a business blog but also to help you to maintain it through our web development services.


Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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