Target Customer Survey: Why Find Out About Your Targeted Clients?


Target Customer Survey

A target customer survey is a research intended to find out about your customers. Your target customers are those people who have a need, time, desire and money to do business with you. Do you know them? If you don’t know them yet, then you should learn it now that finding out about them is significant to your business success.

In your target customer survey, you have to look for in-depth information about your customers. Get to know about their lives, how they behave (habits), what their problems and aspirations are, and what they like and dislike. It’s also essential to know more about what they desire to buy now and in the future. It’s also about knowing what they think about your product or service.

Finding out about your target customers is a continuous process. You do not do it once and stop there. You should make it a practice to find out about them because situations change.

Target Customer Survey

Why is a target customer survey important to your business?

The target customer survey is so essential in success-oriented business. You need to undertake to find out more about your target customers. You will find it necessary in the following ways whether you’re operating a small or big business.

#1 – Selling your products and services

Selling Products

A target customer survey helps you to sell, market and promote your products or services to the right people and in the right way.

It’s easy to influence your targeted customers to buy from you if you know what motivates them to buy. The more you get to know about them, the more you position yourself well to strike the right spot. The more you get full information about them, the more you find it easier to convert them into real buyers of your products or services.

#2 – Ability to establish the quality of market

Quality Market EstablishmentA target customer survey helps you to develop the quality of the market of what you sell.

It’s imperative for you to know that your product or service is attractive to the people whom you want to buy it. If it isn’t appealing to them, it becomes difficult for you to make a sale.

#3 – Ability to target your marketing efforts

Marketing Efforts

A target customer survey helps you to focus your marketing efforts. The more you understand your target customers, the more focused your marketing efforts will be, and the less you are likely to waste your time, energy and money doing what doesn’t work.

Being clear about your target customers is not so easy for most business people. Sometimes, one can have more than one target groups. But if you have made a target customer survey well, it will provide you with inputs to your marketing plan. With your marketing plan, you will have a better understanding of what your ideal target customers are. If your marketing plan has more than one target groups, it’s recommendable to focus on one or two specific groups of people.

This information is also so crucial …!

Important Information

If you have done a targeted customer survey well, it’s more likely that you have some assumptions about the people with whom you do business.  Base on that knowledge to decide what you think they want.

Secondly, you shouldn’t do a target customer survey once. People’s needs and desires change over time. New problems arise. Their aspirations and challenges of yesterday may not be the same today. They may not be the same in the future. You, therefore, have to continue to target the right people and in the right way, you need to find out about them continuously.


As I wind up, it’s essential for any business always to target the right people. It’s also important to focus them in the right way, basing on well established and reliable information from your target customer survey. In my subsequent posts, I would like to share with you what you can find out about your target customers, how to find out the information, and how to use it. Think about discovering more and more about your target customers by making a target customer survey. You will succeed in your business.

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