Custom Award Business, a Great Business Idea You Can Run From Home


Custom Award Business

One of the many business opportunities in the engraving industry is the custom award business. Not many people know that it’s a profitable business venture with a high-profit margin, which you can even operate from home. Companies, organisations, sports teams and even governments are ever recognising people for their achievements or contributions. They look for awards or trophies that reflect or further their business or organisation’s brand.


Unfortunately, awards sold in most award shops in Uganda are imported, and they’re of standard sizes. Although it’s much easier to go to those award shops and pick something off the shelves, such awards are a look-alike kind of products. Most companies or organisations prefer something that reflects their brand because it carries a high perceived value. When you’re in the custom award business, you don’t only make awards but also trophies and medals.


What do you need to start a custom award business?

Custom Award

I will not go into the process of finding a business name and registration. The information I am giving you is based on the assumption that you’ve already gone through that process. If you have been looking for a business idea and you’re passionate about starting a custom award business, the following are what I think you may need.


  1. Award making tools
  2. Materials from which you make awards
  3. Graphic designing skill
  4. A creative mind
  5. Marketing skills and strategies

Let’s now look at each of them in detail for you to have a better understanding of what it is required to start a custom award business.

#1 – Award making tools


Laser Cut Products

One of the tools you will need in your custom award business is either a laser engraver or rotary engraver. The laser engraver enables you to cut the designs from the materials guided by a computer to achieve the best results. Unfortunately, laser engravers or rotary engravers are damn expensive. Not everyone can afford to acquire them. If you’re lucky to own one, then it’s one of the useful investments in this business.

Can you venture into the custom award doing business without owning a laser system?

You don’t necessarily have to own a laser machine to operate a custom award business. Even if you don’t own a laser system, you can start and run an award making business successfully. What you need to do is to partner with a company that has it and offers cutting services to do the cutting of the shapes you need each time you get jobs. At Goleza Designers, we have custom award businesses with which we are in partnership. They get jobs and bring them to us to make. If you do that, you still reap big.

Apart from the laser system or rotary engraver, there are other small award making tools like chisels, hammer and the like. These enable you to work on your awards manually where you cannot use the laser machine.

#2 – Award making materials

Award Making Materials

To produce custom awards, you need materials like Perspex, wood, marble, crystal, metal and glass. Wood and marble are mostly used to make award bases. Some of these materials are readily available on the market in Uganda. You need to do your research on the best material suppliers from whom you will always buy your materials at affordable prices.

The selection of the materials determines the price you charge for the award. Some materials are relatively cheap, while others are expensive. For instance, at Goleza Designers a small strip of AlumaMark aluminium added on the award makes it more expensive by 10% because the material is costly.

There are other materials you may need from time to time in your custom award business. These include colour sprays, glue, sanding paper and wood finishes. These enable you to give your awards an excellent finish and to fix them as well.

#3 – Graphic designing skill

Graphic Designing Software

Graphic designing is the main ingredient in running a successful custom award business. Knowing to produce good designs is so important. Your business success will depend mostly on your ability to create designs that your customers want. If you don’t have the designing skill, it means you will employ someone to design for you. It is okay, but if you’re starting a business, it can turn out to be a considerable cost on you.

If you’re passionate about starting your own custom award business and you don’t have the designing skill, my advice to you is to teach yourself graphic designing. You can learn if you focus on it. We are self-taught graphic designers. Just buy a graphic designing software and start educating yourself slowly by slowly as you put into action what you learn. Remember that self-education is what will make you a fortune.

#4 – A creative mind

Rising Star Awards

Having a creative mind is so crucial in the custom award business. You should always avoid being a copy cat if you want to succeed in anything. It is one of the biggest mistakes most people do in Uganda. Originality and uniqueness matter a lot to your business success. When you have a creative mind, it enables you to develop unique award pieces that will keep bringing you business

What if you find yourself not creative?

I have a feeling that everyone can learn to become creative. Many times we see things and love them. We may pick on doing them. But when you are replicating them, make sure you use your creative mind to make them look unique in the eyes of others. It’s when you can stand out of the crowd and beat your competition. If you want to learn more, read about our two posts on the advantages of becoming creative in your business and building your custom award business on creative engraving.

#5 – Marketing skills and strategies

Marketing Skills

The success of your custom award business will depend primarily on your ability to market it and the marketing strategies you use. No business can prosper without proper marketing. Marketing enables you to get exposure to your targeted customers.

If you intend to start your custom award, making a business from home, I would advise you to have a website. Additionally, learn online marketing skills for your business to become visible on the internet. Even if you’re not in a position to market online, you need to develop a marketing system that will enable you to be successful and to get your targeted clients.


Starting a custom award business is a great business idea. If you don’t have the tools, you can partner with us to support you with your business idea. Goleza Designers are experienced creative engravers, whose line of business includes making unique custom awards. We have developed many unique award designs that we shall share with you in one of our subsequent posts.

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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