Which Laser-cut Cards Do We Offer At Goleza Designers?

Laser-cut Cards

Most people think that Goleza Designers only specialise in making wedding cards. Although 98% of the clients we receive are for wedding cards, we also make other types of laser-cut cards when ordered. When you come to our shop, you don’t find them displayed because they are very many different types and designs. It’s why I have come up with this post to share with you the other types of laser-cut cards we offer.

Types of laser-cut cards that Goleza Designers offer

In addition to wedding invitations, we offer 15 other types of laser-cut seasonal cards, which include the following:

  1. Christmas Laser-cut Cards
  2. Custom Birthday Cards
  3. Valentine’s Day Cards
  4. Easter Laser-cut Cards
  5. Congratulations Cards
  6. Success Cards
  7. Mother’s Day Cards
  8. Father’s Day Cards
  9. New Home Cards
  10. Anniversary Cards
  11. Farewell Cards
  12. Newborn Baby Cards
  13. Sympathy Cards
  14. Pregnancy Cards
  15. Thank You Cards


#1 – Christmas Laser-cut Cards

Christmas Cards

We make unique laser-cut Christmas cards that carry the right messages for Christmas celebrations. These laser-cut cards are a perfect gift to your beloved ones during the Christmas festive season. We have over ten unique designs that we cut from paper. But we also produce them from wood.

Because creating cards involves processes where we use machines and hands, we require that clients plan if they intend to make laser-cut Christmas cards with us.

# 2 – Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards

You can surprise your friends and relatives by giving them our laser-cut cards on their birthday celebrations. These cards are so classic and unique that they appeal to everyone. Through our graphic designing skills, we can turn your idea into your card that can speak for you when you say “Happy Birthday” to your friends and relatives.

#3 – Valentine’s Day Cards

Laser-cut Dotted Valentines Day Card

You can deepen your love with your favourite person by telling them “I LOVE YOU” with our elegantly designed Valentine’s cards. Usually, clients come for these cards on Valentine’s Day. But you can also use them on any other day to surprise your lover with a lovely card to show to them that you especially care about them.

#4 – Easter Cards

Easter Cards

If you send your heartfelt Easter wishes with our laser-cut Easter cards, you stand out of the crowd. We make these personalised cards on order for organisations, institutions, private businesses and individual.

#5 – Congratulations Cards

Congratulations Cards

You can use these personalised laser-cut cards to congratulate your family members, friends and colleagues on their exceptional accomplishments in their life. For instance, use them to express your heartfelt congratulations on their achievements like weddings, studies or any other success obtained in life. They will be happy to receive them because these laser-cut Congratulations cards have a high perceived value.

 #6 – Success cards

Success Cards

You may have friends, family members or relatives whom you would like to wish success when they’re about to sit their exams. Giving them a unique laser-cut success card motivates them to get determined to pass the exams.

Our success cards are also suitable for congratulating others on passing their exams. They are a perfect tool for showing them that you are part of them in celebrating their success.

#7 – Mother’s Day cards

Mothers Day Cards

These unique laser-cut cards are so good for making any occasion special for your mother. Because your mother is the most exceptional person you have on earth with the most substantial influence on you, she deserves something unique and valuable. A simple card from our extensive collection of designs can strengthen your mother’s love for you.

#8 – Father’s Day cards

Fathers Day Cards

These laser-cut cards are a great way of showing your father that you appreciate him for loving you and being there for you. Your Dad is a hero, a guide and a friend. Giving him a laser-cut card, unlike other printed cards or e-cards makes him believe that you love him too. Sending your greetings with these unusual and valuable makes him feel happy with you and strengthens your bond.

#9 – New Home cards

New Home CardsBuilding a home has never been comfortable in anyone’s life. It’s such a great achievement where you should take part in celebrating with your neighbours, friends, family members and colleagues. We have an extensive collection of new home card designs that are suitable for homes, churches, mosques and other types of buildings.

#10 – Anniversary cards

Anniversary Cards

Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, love anniversary, milestone anniversary or corporate anniversary, we have the classiest laser-cut anniversary cards that please anyone. Anniversary wishes are always unique and so meaningful because they strengthen the bond and enable one to experience the joy once again. You can, therefore, surprise your friends, relatives and colleagues with unique laser-cut cards from our comprehensive collection of anniversary card designs that suit your occasion.

#11 – Farewell cards

Farewell Cards

We always interface with many people who contribute to our lives positively at our places of work. They could be your employees or employers. Though sometimes we do not feel good when they leave us, it’s an excellent practice to wish them well. You can, therefore, bid farewell to your friends, colleagues, workmates or boss to wish them good luck and success in their life. These cards keep you remembered in their life, hence strengthening the bond.

#12 – Newborn Baby cards

Newborn Baby Cards

Everyone feels happy about the arrival of a new healthy baby. You can, therefore, congratulate your wife, friends, relatives and colleagues upon the appearance of a new member in the family and the newly found happiness with our laser-cut new baby cards. Share the joy with them and wish them happy parenthood.

#13 – Sympathy cards

Sympathy Cards

In life, we go through hard times many times. In times of sorrow, sending a personalised laser-cut sympathy card with the right messages to your friends, colleagues or family members plays a significant role in comforting them and supporting them during times of loss and hardships.

Sometimes, sending condolence messages is hard for most people because finding the right words to say and how to phrase your thoughts and feelings isn’t easy for everyone. We can help you to come up with the right messages to put on your sympathy card.

#14 – Pregnancy cards

Pregnancy Cards

Though getting pregnant is easy for most women, there are those that work so hard to become pregnant. Secondly, going through the pregnancy period is not easy. Women feel good when they feel the baby within, the perfect reason why they should receive congratulation messages, pregnancy pieces of advice and best wishes through our beautiful laser cut pregnancy cards.

#15 – Thank-You cards

Thank You Cards

Many people in our communities do good to us. Using our laser cut thank you cards to show your appreciation and to express to your friend, family member or colleague that you have recognised the effort they made on your behalf strengthens your relationship with them. Show special appreciation to others for a special gift, visiting you, attending an event, for helping you or doing something nice with our attractive thank you laser cut cards.


From the uniqueness of our designs to the variety of the graphic designs to the beauty of our cards and the quality of our services, you won’t find better laser-cut cards on the market in Uganda than our laser cut cards. Our laser cut cards are custom-designed, made according to the colour, design and messages of your choice. Come to us to turn your ideas into laser-cut cards that will make a difference in people’s life.


Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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