Logo Stamps – Need a Quality Stamp Designed with your Business Logo?

Logo Stamps

Logo stamps are rubbers stamps whose impressions bear a logo of a company or organisation. When you brand your business with a custom logo stamp, you market your business for just a small cost. A rubber stamp with your logo establishes your brand’s identity, makes your company recognisable and outshines your competition.

When you are making a business logo stamp, it’s essential to do it with a professional rubber stamp maker. Goleza Designers are professional stamp makers in Uganda with the ability to produce high-quality logo stamps no matter how detailed your logo is. We have two stamp brands: Shiny self-inking stamps and Brother pre-inked stamps.

brother pre-inked stamps

If you have an intricate (detailed) logo, we highly recommend that you use Brother pre-inked stamps for their high-quality impressions. Brother stamps are the best for logo stamps. They bring out the logos so clearly, and the prints are forge-proof. Even if you want your logo to appear like a photo, it’s possible with us.

If your logo is not detailed, Shiny self-inking stamps can also produce quality stamps, provided you use a professional stamp maker. Most people in Uganda use Shiny rubber stamps because they’re what they see commonly on the market. Secondly, they are comparatively cheaper than other brands, and as you know, many Ugandan always go for more inexpensive things.

3 Things You MUST Know about Logo Stamps

#1 – Clarity

Logo stamps that are good for branding purposes MUST be 110% clear with no ink flows. The logo must come out so clearly that your brand is easily recognisable. It means that when you are looking for a stamp maker; get one that is also good at graphic designing.

Most stamp makers in Uganda scan the logo, enter into the stamp making program on their computers to produce the stamp. That’s completely wrong. A professional stamp maker is supposed to look at the clarity of the original logo given to him first. If it needs improvement, he does it.

At Goleza Designers Ltd, we take our time working on the logos given to us to make them come out clearly on a stamp. We ensure that our logo stamps produce the most accurate impressions and are perfect for branding your business. Secondly, we advise you on which stamp brand to use to bring out the best results, depending on the purpose for which you need the stamp.

#2 – Purpose for which you need the logo stamp

People need logo stamps for various needs. For instance, some need logo stamps for authentication purposes on their documents while others for branding purposes. Most people that make rubber stamps with us need stamps with a logo and an adjustable date. The challenge with these rubber stamps is that the changing date takes ample space, making it hard to have a sizeable logo. What I mean here?

What I mean is that if branding is one of your primary reasons for making a stamp, it’s therefore prudent to avoid adjustable date stamps so that your logo is big and clear enough to be recognised. That’s when your branding will be beneficial.

Since impressions of logo stamps should be clear, the size of the logo on your rubber stamp matters a lot. Why? It’s because, practically, it’s impossible to bring out all the logo details on a small logo.

Logo Rubber Stamps

#3 – Stamp Design

Have your unique design to stand out of your competition. There are several stamp shapes. For instance, there are rectangular shapes, triangular shapes, square shapes, oval shapes and round shapes. Each of them has numerous designs from which you can choose. It’s only your imagination that can limit you. To bring out the art in the shape you need, you should use a professional stamp maker who is also a proficient graphic designer.


Are you looking for a quality logo stamp designed by professionals for branding your business? Goleza Designers have made it easy to order for your logo stamps. Just send your logo and text to our business email address (info@golaserengraving.com), we shall make sample designs in the shapes of your choice and share with you. Upon your approval, we shall print and deliver to you wherever you are in Uganda.

Alternatively, you can send your logo and text by WhatsApp to our mobile number +256-772-32 73 73. There you will even get a faster service.


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