Brand Identity Creation: Is Creating a Brand Important in your Business?

brand identity creation

Brand identity creation is considered one of the essential aspects and most powerful marketing tool in business, whether small or big. And to many people, a logo does it all because it represents your business and creates the first impression of your business, which people keep in their mind. It gives a unique and memorable identity of your business on the market.

Is brand identity creation vital for a small business?

One day, when I was perusing through the posts in one of the business marketing forums, I landed on an interesting thread. The discussion in this thread focused on whether it was important for a small business owner to spend his time and money on logos. While some supported it, others did not see it necessary for a small business to bother itself with brand identity creation.

What I read made me reflect on it further, and I would like to ask you, “Is creating a brand identity essential to your small business?” In my own experience, I believe that it’s essential to have a brand irrespective of whether your business is small or big. And I would like to iron out the misconception that brand identity creation is only for big companies. That’s wrong. Brand creation is not something you can think about when your business has grown to some level.

Is brand identity creation just a business logo?

Brand identity creation is not limited to a logo. It’s much more than having a business logo. Though people think that it’s just a company’s logo, the reality is that it goes beyond having a logo. It’s a great message a business creates when it effectively promotes the emotional attachment it wants its clients to have with its business. Of course, that emotional connection can get established by a logo. But it goes beyond to include messages, behaviour and much more. Do you get it now?

How is brand identity creation necessary for a small business?

A brand identity creation or recognition is vital to you as a small business owner. Why? It’s because you need to have a clear identity and to be memorable in your marketplace. There is continuous competition in business. Believe me or not, there are thousands of companies that are engaged in the same business you are operating. If you don’t create your own identity, it’s hard to survive the competition and sustain your business growth.

Yes, you may be making money without having a brand of your own. But remember that you are in the world of competition and businesses are very competitive nowadays. You may not have given it a thought, but it’s one of the business quality standards that can help you to sustain your business growth.

What should your brand identity creation entail?

Your brand identity should reflect the messages that you want to communicate with your targeted audience. Secondly, it should reflect the kind of business you are engaged in and easy to understand. Thirdly, it should reflect your unique selling proposition. Once you have created your brand, you should use it in all your marketing campaigns. Use it on your site, business cards and other marketing aids. Remember that the more people see and hear it, the more they remember. The more they remember it, the more they connect it to you or your business.

Most importantly, your behaviour with your targeted customers should also reflect your brand. The perceived message by your targeted audience from your brand should blend with your practice. It’s when you will fill the missing link that people want filling. If you want your brand identity creation to be effective, you have to communicate it out consistently in all your promotional campaigns, whether online or offline, to maintain your brand value.


As I conclude, I would like to remind you that if you have not thought about a brand identity creation for your business, it’s high time you did it. It is when you will create a memorable message to your customers. If you intend to start a business, it’s essential to build your brand right from the time you begin your business. Building a brand is a gradual process. It takes time, energy, resources to create an efficient brand identity. The earlier you do it, the better for your business. Always think brand identity creation in your business!

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