Wood Engraving Services with a Laser Engraving Machine are Available at Goleza Designers Limited – Uganda

Wood EngravingWood engraving is one of our most popular applications with our laser system because we handle many projects from engraving and cutting wood. In Uganda, we top the list of creative engravers because we’ve established many products on the market. And we’re still coming up with more and more products. We make most of our products from local wood.

Apart from the wood products we make, we also offer wood engraving services, both indoor and outdoor services. On many occasions, we get jobs from customers who bring their products for us to personalise them. We also get engraving jobs that take us out of our workplace, where our clients want to engrave mostly furniture.

Which wood engraving jobs or services do we handle?

With our laser system, we can handle most of the wood engraving projects. For jobs that require cutting, we work comfortably with wood thickness not exceeding 6mm. But we can make several passes to reach a cutting depth of one inch. Our wood engraving applications include the following:


The possibilities are endless when it comes to customising wood products to make them unique and perfect gifts on various occasions. We personalise most of the items: guitars, guns butts, phone cases, home appliances, awards, office accessories like pens and much more. If you have any personalisation job, the best is to come to us and find out how best we can do it for you.


Photo engraving on wood is rare in Uganda, but it is such a great way of preserving your memorial photographs in your home and workplace. Besides, an engraved photo speaks a thousand words. You can have your photos engraved permanently on Mahogany or other natural woods as a perfect way to preserve them. We have the software for engraving your photos perfectly on wood.

Wooden photo frames

Cutting photo frames is one of the wood engraving services we do with ease. We cut unique photo frames from wood, which are customizable with texts and images of our customers’ preferences.

Photo albums

We produce photo albums from wood, which customers can customise with images, texts and designs of their own choice. Our photo albums look beautiful and make a perfect gift idea. Individuals and businesses like gift shops can always make their orders with us. We offer excellent discounts for big orders.

Wood earrings

Our laser-cut wood earrings are an innovation in Uganda. They are unique in design and quality, beautiful, eco-friendly, stylish and suitable for all occasions. We already have hundreds of earring designs depicting images of animals, plants, birds, insects and aquatic creatures in seas, lakes, rivers and oceans. There are also religious and geometric earrings.

Wood engraving and cutting earrings is a service we offer to businesses in the crafts industry, in addition to making them for individual clients. If you sell crafts in Uganda and outside Uganda, you can partner with us, and we become manufacturers of these unique wood earrings for your business.

Wood bags

Wood bags are among the new products we have introduced on the Ugandan market. They are unique and stylish products suitable for all occasions. People engaged in businesses like selling crafts, gifts and bags now have a valuable item they can add to their product line.

Wall art

Wall art is one of our creative wood engraving applications that most people in Uganda haven’t yet identified. But we make unique and beautiful mural art pieces and hangings suitable for decorating your home and office. They are also lovely for giving out as gifts on weddings and other special occasions.

Interior designers can partner with us to produce wall art they can use in their businesses. We can handle any wall art doing projects to your satisfaction.

Wooden buttons

We make very trendy buttons from wood for fashion design businesses or textile industries. These wooden buttons are perfect accessories that can make a difference in your business. We have a variety of unique designs and can handle any order satisfactorily.

Engraved KeychainsKey chains

Key chains are some of the most liked products in our wood engraving and cutting business. These key chains are ideal for promotional purposes and giving out as gifts to friends, colleagues and relatives. We customise them according to our customers’ tastes and preferences. Big orders get attractive discounts.


The introduction of lampshades to our product line shifted us to a higher level in wood engraving. We create unique lampshades in different styles and designs from wood. Our decorative lampshades make a home sweet home. When you use them in the hospitality industry like hotels, visitors enjoy the looking at the beauty and creativity in them. Additionally, they make the atmosphere inside where you have used them look lively and refreshing.

Currently, we make these lampshades customers make orders. But if you are in the interior designing business, you can partner with us, and we produce them for you at pocket-friendly prices.


Wood engraving and cutting are excellent applications in the woodworking industry. However, the majority of woodworkers like carpenters in Uganda don’t have laser engravers. With our laser system, we, therefore, close this gap by offering wood engraving services for every woodworking project you bring to us.


A prototype is a typical preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are copied or developed. People with a need for producing first a prototype for their tools and buildings can always partner with us. We can handle most prototyping projects to your satisfaction.

And much more

The possibilities for wood engraving possibilities are endless. It’s only our imagination that can limit us. We can only mention just a few, but we are committed to developing new applications gradually.


If you have a wood engraving project, Goleza Designers Ltd is skilled with the potential to do most projects to our customers’ satisfaction. We cannot mention all the various wood engraving applications, but our clients in most cases come with varying needs. What we can promise for now is quality work for our clients.

If you’ve any question, let us hear from you.


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