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Wedding Cards

When you are planning for your dream wedding, one of your priority considerations should be wedding cards. You need wedding invitation cards that rock. Indeed, you want those wedding cards that everyone looks at and says “Woooo!!!” These are wedding invitations that are elegant, unique and with a high perceived value. They undoubtedly make your guests get into the mood of attending your wedding. Do you know where to find them in Uganda?

Well, such wedding cards are not readily available on the Ugandan market. The cards you commonly see in the shops are imported invitation cards from other countries like the UAE and China. Most people go for these printed cards, which look almost the same in design. Yes, if you are attracted to those glamorous flowered wedding cards, what I am talking about here is not for you. But if you need quality cards, read on.

Benefits of quality wedding cards

Generally, wedding cards notify guests when your wedding will take place. Giving them a special invitation makes them remember your wedding date. Right? That’s one benefit most people see. But another significant benefit is to wow your guests. Stylish, unique and quality invitation cards set the tone of your wedding. With quality invitations, you have the opportunity to give your guests the right impression about what they are likely to expect from your wedding. If you make a poor choice of cards, then you lower their expectations. As your homework, think about the consequences!

Who should make your wedding invitations then?

If you’re planning your wedding, it’s therefore advisable to look for card makers, who can craft for you quality invitation cards. By quality cards, I mean cards that will wow your guests and become enthusiastic about attending your wedding.

There are many makers of wedding invitation cards in Uganda, especially at Nkrumah and Nasser Road in Kampala. Some of them do an outstanding job, but still, when it comes to uniqueness and elegance, there is much improvement needed. That’s from my perspective, though. What makes a card stand out are key aspects like design, uniqueness and beauty. Creativity and skill are so necessary to bring out the right card.  As creative designers and makers of wedding invitation cards, we professionally craft cards that stand out and appeal to guests.

Other vital considerations to make for your wedding invitations

As you plan for your wedding cards, let me share with you helpful tips on how to come up with the best invitation cards for your dream wedding.

Wedding Invitations
Think about the design of your wedding cards first.

Before you go buying your wedding cards, determine the design you feel will work best for your wedding. Don’t just wake up, move to the card seller and choose a card design haphazardly. The beauty of your wedding cards resides in the design you select. Usually, wedding invitation cards most Ugandans make don’t have many pieces like in other countries. The parts typically consist of the outer envelope or floral pockets and the invitation card. There are no other components like wedding program, reception card, thank you card and others.

At Goleza Designers Limited, all our cards are laser-cut from quality card paper. We have many different laser-cut designs, and we keep adding more designs from time to time. Now it’s easy for any couple to select and customise any laser-cut design that suits their personalities and event.

Any design you select is customizable with either a floral card pocket. When you use a card pocket, then you don’t use an envelope.  To spice up the design of your choice, we sometimes add a colourful ribbon or paper with some writings.

As you select the design, put special consideration on the colour of your card and your wedding style. As for colours, choose colours that reflect your wedding theme. What I mean here is that the colours of the paper for your wedding cards should match the colours you select for the entire wedding. Wedding style refers to whether your wedding is going to be formal or casual. Wedding card designs for formal weddings sometimes differ from those for informal weddings.

Secondly, think about uniqueness.

The uniqueness of your wedding cards is so crucial for your wedding to be successful. Most people make a wedding once in their lifetime, and it’s a significant milestone in one’s life. Why settle for mediocre wedding cards that will spoil your important day in your life?

The uniqueness of your wedding cards is in the design and the way you make them. Quality cards have unique designs. These are designs that give your guests the right impression of your wedding. Goleza Designers have many of them that are unique and which you won’t find anywhere else in Uganda. They’re customizable to produce a special card for your wedding.

Never consider making simple wedding cards because you do it once in a lifetime. You want it to be successful. But when you use poorly designed cards, your guests will expect a simple wedding. And that has adverse consequences on the success of your wedding.

Remember that the success of your wedding doesn’t only depend on the amount of money on your wedding budget, but it also depends on how you plan for it. It’s therefore essential that you think to have unique wedding cards for your wedding to be successful.

Thirdly, think about the budget

Most people believe quality wedding cards are expensive. Laser-Cut cards are relatively more costly than digitally printed cards. That’s true, but at Goleza Designers, we craft quality cards that fit in the budget of whoever comes to us.

The cost of laser-cut cards depends on the intricacy of the design. The more detailed the design is the more time it takes to produce it and the more money you spend. Secondly, the more intricate your design is, the more beautiful your laser-cut card will be.

Therefore, when you select a design, we sit with you to make adjustments depending on your budget without compromising on the beauty and quality of the card. What we do is to make suggestions to you that end up reducing the production time, hence lower cost to suit your budget.

Lastly, think about the beauty of the card

Understandably, the beauty of the card depends on the design, paper quality and uniqueness. It also depends on the colour combinations of the card paper used. It’s always our practice to produce sample cards, which couples can share with colleagues who can advise them accordingly as far as beauty is concerned.


The success of your wedding depends mostly on how you plan it and the budget you have. Wedding cards play an essential role in making your marriage successful. Making quality laser-cut cards is a process that requires ample time. It’s, therefore important to always plan early. Goleza Designers are always committed to providing the best services for making invitation cards for your dream wedding.

Do you have any question? Please use our contacts on the right to get in touch with us. Alternatively, use the comment section below to ask your question.

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


  1. Winny

    Am really in need of this..and its urgent plz..conduct me as soon as posible

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thanks for your interest in our cards.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Let me get in touch please

  2. Specioza

    Hi how we a wedding card of 4000/= look like.

    • Goleza

      Thank you for your question. The cost of laser-cut cards depends on several factors but the most commonly considered is the cutting time. The more the time we spend on cutting a single card the more costly it becomes. Usually, cards with intricate or so much detailed designs take long to cut and are costly yet they look so beautiful that everyone loves them. Other factors include the material used. Which design do you have in mind and I tell you its cost?

  3. Ignatius Masaf

    Hi, I would like to know what your prices are for your cards

    • Goleza

      They range from UGX 2,500/= to 7,000/= depending on the design to cut and the material to use. If you need a wood card, it costs UGX 7,000/=.

      • Winny

        Where are u located

        • Charles Kiyimba

          At Equatorial Shopping Mall, Shop 607, Kampala

          • Leah

            Hi I’am interested in your cards

          • Charles Kiyimba

            Yes, we can make them for you. Just get in touch with us through our WhatsApp – +256-772-327373


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