How to Build Trusting Relationships with your Customers in Order to Succeed in Business

build trusting relationships

Learning to build trusting relationships with your customers is one of the proven methods of growing your business. People buy more and more often from those they trust.

However, it’s very disgusting to see that a good number of Ugandans are not trustful. Why? First, they need quick money. Secondly, their foundation is not built on trust. It’s one of the reasons why some businesses boom for a short time and collapse. Easy come easy go. Some Ugandan businessmen and government officials fraudulently get money in the morning and spend it foolishly in the evening. They are not trustworthy.

There are businessmen in Uganda who get goods on credit and deliberately delay to pay as agreed or refuse entirely. Others cheat their customers by selling them inferior quality products or services. Many times, they overcharge them and get abnormal profits. Yes, you can do that. But in the long run, you will be entirely out of business. Why? It’s because you have not to build your business on trust. You don’t know that learning to develop trusting relationships with your customers or suppliers is an excellent way to business success.

Through this article, I would like, therefore to share with you how important it is to build trusting relationships with your existing customers. I will also share with you tips on what makes trust in your relationships with your customers.

Why is it Important to Build Trusting Relationships with others?

One thing you need to know is that trust protects you in everything you do. To survive the business competition, you need to position yourself as a trusted person. Learning to build trusting relationships with your customers and suppliers helps you to build a strong foundation for your business.

How do you Build Trusting Relationships with Others?

#1 – Become the answer to their needs.

You can only build trust in your customers when they feel connected and confident that you are the answer to their needs, interests, feelings and opinions. To build confidence in them, identify yourself with them as the best person to solve their problems. It takes time. Trust gets built through experiences and overtime.

#2 – Maintain a high level of quality service

To build trusting relationships with your customers, you need to maintain a high level of quality service. Aim at satisfying them. Once they get met, it becomes easier for them to trust you. You will enjoy the benefits of increasing your believability, retaining them and getting new referrals. When they believe in you, they go by your pieces of advice, suggestions, and decisions. Even when you increase the prices of your products, they may not question you.

#3 – Believe in what you say

Always believe in your words and promises to build trusting relationships with your customers. Let your promises in your marketing campaigns reflect in your actions. By so doing, you will strike deeper into their hearts as a very trusted person, with whom they can deal without any worry.

#4 – Be innovative

To build trusting relationships with your customers, you should be creative. Come up with new ways of maintaining your standards. You don’t have to think so big because even small things can make a huge difference in your customers’ lives. Make sure that whatever initiative you come up with, builds positive perceptions in the minds of your customers.

#5 – Have good personal branding

Learn to develop positive attitudes in the minds of your customers and suppliers. Read more on how you can improve your branding to build trusting relationships with your clients!

How else can you build trusting relationships with your customers?

#6 – Give free ideas and free advice

Sometimes it’s necessary to give free service and free products. It’s an essential aspect of any business in which you are involved. For instance, we provide free information on our website because by giving free ideas and advice, we build trusting relationships with our audience.

#7 – Be honest

To build long-lasting relationships with your customers, you MUST be credible. You can never succeed in business without being sincere. Honesty protects you.

Commit yourself to deliver what you promise. Promising something to your customers and you don’t fulfil it, is the fastest way of losing trust. If for any reason you are unable to live to your promises, it’s essential to let them know early enough. Maintain the standard of service you promise to your customers to build trusting relationships with them.

#8 – Listen to what customers say and ask for their expectations, feelings and opinions

It helps you to improve your service delivery. On various occasions, I have received comments, advice and suggestions from my clients. It has helped me to develop and to relate with them well. Remember that trust is achievable through interacting with your customers intimately. Ask them questions and listen to them to build trusting relationships with them.

#9 – Understand them individually

Making a long-lasting relationship with each customer requires you to show them that you understand them as individuals. Get to know what is of importance to them and what motivates them.

#10 – Show natural respect for your customers for them to trust and respect you

There is a saying that a “Customer is a King”. Even when they misbehave before you, respond to them positively. Learn to respond proactively as opposed to being reactive.


Finally, let me remind you that learning to build trusting relationships with your customers and communicating with them helps you to grow faster your business. Secondly, it’s so essential to develop your business on trust. The trust you build with your customers and suppliers sustains your business in the long run. Besides, it helps you to compete favourably with your business competitors.

Learn to creatively come up with different ways of building trust in your customers to succeed in business. Let all your marketing campaigns promise what you will deliver because if you don’t, you lose business.  But by keeping to your promises, you build a strong foundation for your business to survive.

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!



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