Business Success – Obstacles Ugandans Must Avoid to Succeed in Business

business success

Business success is not easily attainable. Most successful businesspeople work hard to succeed in their businesses. Hard work is the driving force that enables you to attain your goals in life. However, to maintain the power to achieve, you must keep yourself away from obstacles that might prevent you from obtaining business success.

In this post, I would like to talk about some of the obstacles to business success. The ideas I share here are helpful to people intending to start a business. They are as well useful to those who are already in business.

What are those obstacles to business success?

Three significant obstacles deter people from succeeding in business, and they include negative thinkers, harmful behaviours or habits and uncontrolled expenses.

  1. Negative thinkers.

Business success largely depends upon the people that surround you. If negative thinkers surround you, it’s hard to venture into business and succeed in it. They discourage you in every attempt you make to do something. Not only that. They also drain your mental and bodily power to take action. Eventually, they make you become a failure in your endeavours. The only solution to that is to cut them out of your life. Why? Because they only keep you behind. They make you fail to make any progress that will lead you to business success.

Generally, people who think negatively build in you fear with their negative ideas. They make you fear to lose money and to make developmental decisions. Secondly, they create doubt in you, and you begin to be sceptical about your plans and your right choices. What surprises me most is the fact that such people never tell you the causes of failure and how to overcome them. They discourage you from taking action, drawing examples from their past experiences. Many times, these are people close to us, such as friends, relatives and colleagues at work.

Business success requires you to learn to keep away from any source of power breakdown. You do it by avoiding people who discourage you from taking action. Such people reduce your power to do things. Oh, yes. It’s also advisable to cut out of your way the yes-men. These accept anything you say even when they don’t perceive it well. Surround yourself with people who have positive and constructive thoughts. Yes. Surround yourself with people, who have a development-oriented outlook to ideas. They will lead you to business success.

  1. Bad behaviours or habits

Do you have habits that can lead you to business success? Do you know them? Well, these are behaviours most successful entrepreneurs possess. You may not have all of them. But if you have a good percentage of them, you stand higher chances of succeeding in your business.

However, there are many bad behaviours, which prevent people from starting and developing a business. They include, among others fear, arrogance, laziness cynicism and procrastination.

The danger of fear

Fear is the worst of all obstacles to business success. It’s very destructive and a significant hindrance to taking action. The more you fear to do something, the more you destroy both your mental and physical energy to achieve, and the more you get swallowed up in fear.

As human beings, we tend to get worried about our future based on the bad experiences that happened to other people or to us with whom we interact. My advice is that learn to develop a positive attitude towards any unfortunate occurrence in your life. Learn to build self-confidence in you. Remember that worry has never helped anyone to achieve anything. It’s of no use to you. For example, those who fear to lose money never get the courage to invest it, which makes them stay weak or financially unstable.

What about arrogance?

Arrogance is an unpleasant display of superiority or self-importance. We all have, as human beings, the potential for arrogant tendencies. But it’s more dominant in people with an intense fear of showing common vulnerability. And it’s a bad disease that has prevented many people from venturing into business.

For example, in Uganda, most highly educated people won’t start a small business of selling bananas in a market. They arrogantly think that banana selling is a business for the uneducated. Surprisingly, it is common to find a banana seller making more money and living a better life than that arrogant educated person who only survives on the insufficient monthly salary.

In a similar scenario, I have met many colleagues I studied or once worked within a formal sector. They always ask me, “Where are you now”? By implication, they want to know where I am employed instead of asking me what I do. When I tell them I am self-employed as an engraver, some of them turn away. Just because they have a job with a good salary, they arrogantly overlook people in businesses they consider to be unsuitable for them.

Arrogance is, therefore, an adverse behaviour that has prevented most people from starting a business. Additionally, it also fails people already in business from obtaining business success.

Laziness – how is it an obstacle to business success?

Being lazy is being unwilling to work. Lazy people usually lack the energy and the enthusiasm to work. Unwillingness to work is a bad behaviour because business success is obtainable from hard work. You have to work on your business persistently to succeed in it. If you don’t have the physical and mental energy to work, you find it challenging to build a successful business.

Many times lazy people can’t initiate. They also lack the enthusiasm to work on their businesses. Business success depends much on your ability to market your business through hard work and working smarter.

And cynicism?

A cynical person generally has a bad outlook on business. He also has very little faith that he will succeed in business. If you are like that, you have to change your mindset. Business success is for people who believe in it. Mentally believe in success to succeed in your business. If you believe in failure, the chances of you succeeding in what you do are minimal.

Procrastination, a common disease among many Ugandans

Procrastination, the habit of postponing something you could have done now is as bad as the fear. For example, if you intend to start a business, start now or else, you will never do it. If you want to do any promotional activity for your business, do it now. But if you postpone taking action, the chances are that you will never do anything. And if you are already in business, you will never achieve your goals. Always take immediate action to achieve business success. Every journey begins with a single step.

  1. Uncontrollable expenses

Business success depends largely on your ability to make money and get some income out of it. But many times, a good number of business people get bogged down with unnecessary expenditure. The only solution to this is to reduce waste. When doing business, only spend where it’s necessary.

Many Ugandans, when they get money, become so excited that they spend it unplanned and uncontrollably. Business money is not your money. You have to use it wisely and reinvest it to grow your business.


Let me conclude by saying that business success is possible when you can ignore people draining your energy mentally and physically with their negative thinking. It’s possible when you learn to keep away from bad habits that make you lose focus. It’s possible when you refrain from spending your financial resources unnecessarily. When you become aware of those three obstacles and learn how to avoid them, you will be able to keep burning the power to work on your business.


Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!



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