How Text Adverts Can Be More Effective Than Ad Banners

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Do you use text adverts? You may have noticed that each website you visit, you find at least two ad banners that advertise products. But how many times do you click on them to buy products? One thing I have discovered is that not many internet users bother themselves to click on them nowadays. Do you know why? They are so commonly found on every website that people have become adamant to them. What happens is that they don’t bother to click on them. They ignore them. Maybe that’s one reason why you need to think outside the box and try other ways of marketing your products, in addition to advertising with ad banners.

Text adverts are another way of advertising your products online. When you use them, you will not only kill the monotony that ad banners have created, but you may also get more clicks on them than on banners. Besides, it’s effortless to change them in any way you want to satisfy your marketing needs.

How can you use text adverts?

Text Adverts

It’s straightforward. Just be creative enough to come up with various ways of composing your texts. For you to produce effective text adverts, you must learn how to play with specific words to achieve the desired reaction. As you write your text adverts, it’s important to use power words that can appeal to your targeted readers. Write to feel the needs of your readers. I repeat, write to target the needs of your readers so that they can click through the links to the pages on which you display your products.

Usage of power words helps you to attract your potential customers because they out the desired reactions from your readers. Some words meet the basic human needs, which include physiological needs, safety, social needs, self-esteem and self-actualisation. Effective text adverts always target at least one of those five human motivators. Your challenge is to know enough power words and to use them creatively in your text adverts. It is also to discover what motivates your readers and take advantage of it.

How else can you best benefit from text adverts?

For you to get a good response, you need to put the following points into consideration.

  1. Frame your texts to make them look charming, unique, attractive and identifiable. It will help you to draw one’s attention to them.
  2. Avoid making them noisy or overcrowded as this is likely to send away your potential readers.
  1. Spice them up with colours. You can vary the colours of your letters and frames in such a way that you compel your readers to read on and on until they click on the links to the targeted location.
  1. Never use the same text adverts in the same way for over a long time. Change them every after some time as you watch the response. Probably by so doing, you may end up attracting even the most stubborn and rigid people. Sometimes when such people see a different advert after a few weeks, they may respond to it just because it appeals to them more than the previous ones.

What else…….?

  1. Be creative! Keep changing the content and wording of your text adverts, the background colour of your frame and the size of your text. Frame the borders and font colours well. You can also rotate your advert to create some effect. Change your writing style and vary it with different text versions.
  1. In your text advert, provide links to the web pages or websites where you display your products and where you provide more information. It’s advisable to use anchors to advance to a specific location because, without them, you will have wasted your time.
  1. Use your text adverts in various ways. Apart from using them on your website or blog, you may use them to run in e-zines as classified adverts. For instance, you may use them in your autoresponders. You may also use them in your email signatures. You’ll find them more effective than ad banners.


As I conclude, I would like to remind you that an online business requires a lot of innovation. The more innovative you are, the more you are likely to have a breakthrough into the marketing business. Ad banners are so prevalent on the internet that the number of internet users attracted to them nowadays is dropping gradually. Try text adverts if you want to be successful with your online advertising campaigns. I wish you the best!

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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