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Website Banners: How To Use Your Ad Banners Effectively

Business Marketing

effective website banners

Do you use website banners for advertising your products on your site or blog? How do you use them? Most website owners use banners for marketing various products and services. But do they benefit from every banner they put on their web pages?

I have realised that one banner can spend over two months without being clicked on. Am I right? If you experience the same scenario, then you need to reflect a bit on how best you could benefit from using them effectively. It will help you to avoid spending your time and money unprofitably.

Effective usage of website banners

As you read this article, it’s essential for you to know that website banners are a useful internet marketing tool. But for you to make them more productive, you need to apply some of the following proven techniques.

#1 – Mind About Numbers

Never place so many website banners on any single page. Not only do they make your website appear unprofessional, but they also make your visitors adamant to them. Besides, having many banners on your web pages, unnecessarily increases their loading time. This forces most internet users to click away as your pages take too long to load. It’s advisable to limit them to not more than two.

#2 – Think Benefit

Make sure you include on your website banners the benefit your customers will get from using your products. People do not want you to sell to them. They are not buying from you to make you happy but to satisfy their needs. It’s therefore essential to express that satisfaction on your banners in the form of a benefit. When you do that, you will win your potential customers’ hearts to buy from you.

#3 – Think Animating Them

Animated website banners are more effective than static banners. Animations please the eyes of many people. Create your banners with some animations to attract the attention of your potential customers. However, it’s important to note that animations increase the loading time of your web pages. You will never make money when your web pages are too heavy to open within 8 seconds. Use them sparingly.

#4 – Make People Take Action

Use Call ActionAsk your customers to take action by telling them to click on your website banners. Place the words “Click Here” on your banners; otherwise, your website visitors may misinterpret it to be some informative graphic used to spice up your website. Never assume that they know. Not everyone knows that banners can be clicked on. It’s to your benefit for them to know that your ad banner is clickable with a link leading to a page where you have products.

#5 – Use Reverse Psychology

Write on your website banners the opposite of what you exactly mean, a process known as reverse psychology. Using reverse psychology can help you to attract your visitors to click on your advert. For instance, instead of saying “Click Here to Discover the Secret of Making Money”, you can say “Don’t Click Here If You Want to Become Rich”. One writer wrote the title of his book entitled “The Color of Gold” in reverse and every reader takes some time trying to figure out the real words. It’s a trick that works effectively.

#6 – Use Captivating Headlines

Write winning headlines that grab the attention of your readers just in seconds. Using a compelling headline for your website banners plays a significant role in compelling your readers to click on it.

#7 – Give Your Website Banners Bright Colors

Use bright colours when designing your website banners. Colours like red, purple, blue and several others are beneficial and can irresistibly attract your customers to click on your banners. Avoid dull colours!

#8 – Testimonials do wonders

Use a testimonial on your web banner to give to your potential customers the impression that they aren’t wasting their time and money. The information you use should be understandable with a winning formula. For example: “Article Writing is a Great Marketing Tool – My Sales Have More Than Doubled!

#9 – Power Words Rock

Use power words related to the offer of your web banner to attract your potential customers. The choice of the words you use has a significant role to play in attracting your customers to click on your advert.

#10 – Offer a Discount in Your Website Banners

Make a discount offer on your website banners in terms of either a percentage or in kind (e. g. Buy one black stamp, get free refill ink). Since most people like so many good deals and free offers, you can end up making some sales.


Although I have found text adverts more productive, I strongly feel that it’s excellent to spice up your advertising techniques with website banners. If you apply the above methods, you will begin to see some positive changes. Will you try them out?

    Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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