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Business Signage Promote Marketing Messages For Your Business!

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Business Signage Promote Marketing Messages For Your Business!

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Business SignageThere is no business that can prosper without marketing. Marketing is all about communicating your marketing messages to your target customers. Business signage is one of the ways you can promote your marketing messages. But this business signage must be properly made to effectively communicate your marketing messages.

When you start a business, one of the most important areas you should focus on is brand identity creation. After creating your brand identity, you need to promote your brand image. And one of the ways of promoting your business with your brand image is by using business signage.

What is the Purpose of Business Signage?

Signage is the use of signs to communicate a message to a group of people (target group). The purpose is usually to market your business or to make some kind of advocacy. You do this by using signs to communicating and providing information to your target customers to make decisions from an informed viewpoint.

Why is Business Signage Important?

Wall-Mounted Business Signage


There are several benefits you’ll enjoy by choosing signage as your business marketing strategy. And the following are some of benefits of using business signage.

  • Signs are visual elements for your business. Good business signage is important wherever you’re located because they make it easy for people to know where you are, what you do and what you sell. A sign is therefore your business advertisement that works 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It acts as a visual salesperson for your business.
  • Business signage reinforces your brand image. An exterior sign branded with your company’s logo and marketing messages helps to reinforce your brand image. It increases your business profile in your local area of business operation.
  • Signage is cost-effective. Signs are a great investment and an effective business marketing strategy because they reach thousands of potential customers at a comparatively low cost. If you compare them with other advertising forms such as TV, radio and newspapers they’re the most cost-effective advertising strategy. You pay once the cost of making them, but you enjoy henceforth the benefits because their exposure is continuous.
  • Signage help people know who you are. You can use business signage to communicate with your visitors at both indoor and outdoor events, conferences, trade shows or exhibitions. If you operate a business onsite you can let people know who you are by putting a sign. Passers-by looking for your services easily get to know.
  • Signage makes your name memorable. When you put a sign in a place for a period of time, it catches the attention of regular passers-by. The more people see your marketing message standing out boldly, the more likely they will recall your name when they or someone they know needs your services.

Different Types of Materials Used for Business Signs

Ground Mounted Business SignageThere different types of signs which you can use either indoors or outdoors. Usually exterior signage helps to draw attention, while interior signage helps customers to locate merchandise, communicate a promotion and/or give a direction to people. Signs can be either be installed on the ground or mounted on a building with or without lighting.

The materials from which business signage are made are many. Each material you choose to use has different cost implications. In this post, I am going to just list down the different types of signs basing on the materials. We shall be talking about each of them in detail in our subsequent posts. They include the following:

  • Acrylic signsacrylic signs are made from a plastic kind of material with an outstanding strength and stiffness. It’s a very durable material available in a variety of colors. It is suitable for making illuminated signs.
  • Wood signs – offer a classic and natural look.
  • Aluminium signs – aluminium makes lightweight but strong signs. It’s a good choice for outdoor signs.
  • Vinyl signs and banners – good for promotional business signage on special events, grand openings and sporting events.
  • PVC signs – these are signs made from polyvinyl chloride also known as PVC
  • Neon signs – these are signs with neon lights. They draw attention to your marketing message both day and night.

How much is business signage?

This is a question most people ask first whenever they think about making signage for their businesses. The cost of signs varies according to the material, size complexity and time it takes to produce it. There is no stand figure because every client with their own sign measurements and material choice.

If you want to ascertain the price of the sign you want to make, it’s always good to inquire from the sign makers. At Goleza Designers, we always give a realistic picture of the cost when you make an inquiry. With serious customers, we go ahead to make pictorial designs of their signage to have a visual view of the sign before making it.

What makes a good business signage?

When you’re looking for a good sign maker, look for one that will make for you a good sign. And a good sign will always be:

  • Clear and easy to read.
  • Clean and colourful.
  • With a strong visual impact.
  • With an attention grabbing headline.
  • Well designed.
  • Representative of your business brand.
  • Strategically positioned to maximize impact on passers-by.
Final thoughts

Signs are a very useful marketing strategy for your business. They help you to build your profile, communicate to potential customers and act as an advertisement for your business. The signs you use must most importantly represent your brand. You have also to be careful and mindful of where to put your business signage. When it comes to signs with impact, it’s always about the location. The location matters.

Lastly, if you’re looking for professionally designed business signage in Uganda, Goleza Designers make high quality signage for businesses at affordable prices. We make pictorial designs and build your sign to meet your satisfaction. If you have any question or order, get in touch with us through  our contacts.

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