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Inbound Links Building is a Key to Online Business Growth

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Inbound Links

Inbound links, also popularly known as backlinks, play a vital role in building your site’s reputation and credibility among the search engines and allowing search engines to find you easily. If you operate an online business and you haven’t placed link building among your priorities, then you are like a driver who embarks on a long journey without having enough fuel. Do you consider building inbound links so important?

What are inbound links?

Like I have already mentioned, inbound links are also called backlinks. Backlinks are those links found on other sites pointing or leading to your website. The purpose of building backlinks is to enable search engines to locate your website quickly, index it and get you on the search lists, preferably among the first 10 to 20 results when people do a keyword search looking for information. Do you know how many inbound links you have?

If you don’t know yet how to find the backlinks you have pointing to your website, there are many inbound link checkers online. You can use them to ascertain, if you so wish, the number of links built and the reputation of the sites linking to you.

How do you build inbound links?

Inbound Links

Online marketers build links in several ways. And I have shared several of them in our article on quality backlinks.

Although the most natural way of building backlinks to many marketers is by purchasing them from link farms, such bought links are not legitimate, and they can do more harm than good to your website. I would, therefore, recommend the following proven methods of building your inbound links.

1. Blog consistently

Blogging is one of the proven ways of marketing your business online. It’s also a proven way of getting inbound links to your website.

When people visit your website looking for the information they need, there are chances of linking to your site if you write good content. It helps you overtime to have a good number of links pointing to your website.

2. Set up inbound links with your domains.

By this, I mean that your Facebook pages, blog, twitter account, Youtube videos and any other social media networks should all have links pointing to your website. Whenever you make posts on these entries, make sure you include links to your website. It can help you in many ways. For instance, if someone “retweets” these links, you get more exposure on other sites.

3. Join forums.

When you join any forum, you have an opportunity to link to your website through what is known as a signature. A signature is a favourable mention of what you market with a link to publicise it. This signature is the link which leads your readers to your website. For more information on forum marketing, read our article about forum internet marketing.

4. Blog comments.

When you visit other websites and find useful information related to your niche, leave a comment.

Usually, the comment section has three fields: name, email and website. The website field is where you enter your website’s address. If by good luck your comment is approved, it gives you a free inbound link to your site.


Finally, you should know right from the beginning that link building is a process that takes time, and this could be one of the reasons why some online marketers choose to purchase backlinks. But buying backlinks is not the legitimate way of building inbound links. Apart from just having an inbound link, there are other important factors like quality and relevance of the inbound links which matter a lot and may not come with purchased links. Take your time to build your connections the right way consistently. Building inbound links should be one of the priorities in your online marketing campaigns.

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