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Dec 26, 2018 | Business Marketing

quality backlinksHaving quality backlinks pointing to your website is a proven way of building your website’s credibility and reputation among search engines. Most online marketers, if not all, will advise you to build quality backlinks to become visible in the search engines. It’s a great way of improving your Google Page Rank. It’s indeed a proven way of getting to the first pages in the search engines.

However, most marketers reserve to themselves the tricks they use to create quality backlinks. Those who do, just mention the methods. They don’t go into the practical ways of doing it. They rarely specify what has worked for them. Everyone has their own specific tricks of building quality backlinks.

Link building is one of the hardest things to do in internet marketing. Theoretically, it sounds easy. But practically, it’s really hard. It’s time-consuming. It requires a lot of patience and handwork. My question is: “Is it the only way to drive your website to success online?”

That said, I have been blogging for over 3 years. Since I started blogging, I have been working to build quality backlinks. I apply the information shared by experienced marketers on the internet to build inbound links, links pointing to my website.

What are quality backlinks?

You can correct me where I am wrong. But as far as I know, quality backlinks are links from sites that:

  • Rank high in the search engines.
  • Have relevant links pointing to them. Relevance here refers to sites with inbound links that are related to their content.
  • Link to content related to my niche.
  • Have high traffic.
  • Link to other top ranking sites.
  • Are clean, not blacklisted by Google.
  • Have a bigger number of links pointing to them.
  • Have created links naturally
  • Link to other sites with the qualities mentioned above.

Which tricks have I used to build quality backlinks?

I may not be 100% right the way I have done it, but I have tried. These are some of the tricks I have always thought about.

#1 – Writing content

Though there is a time I became lazy, I have generally concentrated on writing articles not only to promote my blog but also to share information with others. Blogging is my passion. Through blogging, I create quality backlinks from other websites. Some of these websites have a good rank.

#2 – Setting up all my social networks with my domain name

I am on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and Youtube In all these networks, I have quality backlinks pointing to my blog. And each time I share a new piece of writing, I create more quality backlinks.

#3 – Article submissions to directories

At the beginning, I submitted every article I wrote to directories like EzineArticles.com and many others. The trick seemed to produce many quality backlinks. But this is outdated. Google focuses now on backlinks naturally built. I stopped.

#4 – Joining forums

I joined several highly ranked internet marketing forums to create quality backlinks. Recently, I haven’t been a regular contributor in them. But I have links from them from where I get some traffic.

#5 – Blog comments

I visit sites with good content, read it and write comments. The trick works in some cases. In other cases, it has not worked. Why? Most powerful sites tend to overlook links from sites they don’t trust. They may publish your comment but drop the link to your site.

#6 – Reciprocal links

Initially, I embraced the idea of exchanging links with other sites. I got many requests. But since Google discourages this, I stopped applying this link building strategy to create more quality backlinks.

Strategies for building quality backlinks that I haven’t used

Through my research, I have discovered other tricks of creating quality backlinks. I haven’t personally applied these techniques. They include the following:

  • Donating to charity

It’s believed to be a great way of creating quality backlinks. You have to donate in exchange of links.

  • Submitting your site to blog aggregators

These are websites with aggregated syndicated web content such as news headlines, blogs, podcasts and video blogs in one place for easy viewing.

  • The moving man method

Here you look for sites related to your niche that have gone out of business. Search for sites that have been linking to them and make them know that they are linking to a dead website. Write to them to replace the old link by your own link with similar content.

This is where you search for broken links on sites within your niche. You look for pages that display the Error 404. Ask the website owners to replace the broken link with your own link.

  • Submitting your site to website feedback websites

This is also a quality backlinks building trick, though time-consuming. You look for sites with a good PR and submit your site with a brief description of how you want to improve.

  • Write testimonials.

If you use a product of any company, you could write a testimonial for them to pin on their testimonial page. A link to your site is often put to prove that you are a real person.

  • Submitting to audio sharing sites.

Here you create a piece of audio and upload it to those sites. They will provide you with quality backlinks.

  • Guest writing

This is where you offer to write content for other similar blogs in your industry as a guest blogger.


There are many other link building strategies online marketers use to build quality backlinks. If you are reading this article and you know of others, please live a comment to share with us. I have limited myself to illustrate the complexity involved in building quality backlinks. All the strategies mentioned above are not easy. They all consume time. They all require a lot of hard work.

Having said that, my question is: “Must one apply numerous link building strategies to get a good page rank?” What specific link building methods have enabled you to build a good number of quality backlinks and to improve your page rank? How long did it take to get to where you are?


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