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Blog Comments – How To Post Effective Comments

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Blog Comments – How To Post Effective Comments

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blog commentsHaving been blogging for some good time, I have developed a lot of passion for it. I read other people’s blogs and websites. Many times, when I come across a good useful article, I leave a comment. I also read blog comments posted by visitors to my blog. However, of recent, I have been dissatisfied with the increasing number of blog comments that add no value to my site. Do you have a similar experience?

On my side, the experience I have about the blog comments I find on my site is that the majority of them are not suitable for approval. If you have posted several comments on my blog and none of them has been approved, probably they are not adding value to my readers. You need to read this article.

Why make blog comments?

When we write articles, we do it for some reasons. One of them is to market our businesses. Another one is to share information with others. By so doing, we teach others. This is how we get to learn things we didn’t know. Blog comments that don’t add value are not worth publishing. Why? They don’t help us to grow our businesses. Secondly, they don’t provide additional information to our customers or readers.

Start Blogging Drive TrafficOn the other hand, people post comments for various reasons. Some want to genuinely appreciate the writer for sharing good information with them. Others want to provide additional information on a subject under discussion in the article. While many others want to promote their websites for better rankings in the search engines as they create more and more inbound links.

However, the majority of people who make comments are possessed with the last reason of marketing their websites. Disappointingly, they do it in an unprofessional manner. How? They spam. They praise the writer without substantiating and post comments even where they shouldn’t. Where they are supposed to put their name in the comment form, they instead put the name of their websites. They put several links in the comments body. All these and several others are great mistakes you must avoid.

Why are spam blog comments ineffective?

With spam comments, you kill your intentions. In other words, you piss in the river from which you draw water for drinking. Your comments will never be approved by a serious webmaster or blogger. And if they don’t get approved, why waste your time and energy? Why subject yourself to such disappointments? And why give web users a very bad experience by sending spam comments to their sites and email? I really see no logic. If you have been doing it, it’s high time you changed this bad practice and learnt better ways of writing effective blog comments.

How do you write effective blog comments?

I would therefore like to share with you some good ways of writing effective comments.

1. Show a human face in your comment

Let it be a comment written by you. Comments written by real human beings are more likely to be approved

Black Friday2. Avoid over-promoting your website or business

The only link that you are supposed to have on the sites where you leave comments is your name that is hyper-linked to your site/blog. Do not spread links in the comments body. The moderator will know that you are not genuinely commenting but want to market yourself.

3. Fill the comment form properly

Put your name where it’s supposed to be written not the name of your website. If you do so, you are exhibiting your greed to market yourself.

4. Add value to the conversation or theme under discussion

Avoid comments that only praise. Instead of saying, “your website layout is exceptional”, say how it is going to help you or how it helped you. Provide additional information you may know to give other readers a better experience and to enrich the internet. People don’t search the internet only to read praises that are worthless.

Avoid Criticism5. Avoid direct criticism

Nobody wants to be criticized. You, too, don’t receive a direct attack well. Instead of saying “your website layout is horrible”, say what one can do to improve the layout. You will help him to improve and to establish yourself as an authority on that subject.

6. Be relevant to the subject matter

If the topic is on photo engraving, it’s unethical to discuss procurement services just because your business is in the procurement industry.

7. Ask questions

Many times, you may find the article has all the information you were looking for and you are satisfied. Instead of saying, “your article met my needs”, you may ask what others have not asked before. This will prompt the webmaster to approve your comment and provide an answer to your question.

8. Don’t post to market yourself but to add value

If you show that you are selling yourself, the moderator will not accept your comment.

Black Friday9. Endeavor to write in good English

Do not write for the moderator to correct your language before he approves. A poorly written comment is likely not to be considered.

10. Not value adding, leave your comment

Lastly, if you have nothing useful to say, better move on without leaving a comment. I rather not comment than exhibiting my ignorance on the subject through worthless blog comments. What’s your view on this?

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a self-made graphic / web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!



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