What’s the best low cost laser engraving machine?

Sep 26, 2018 | Knowledge Base

Low Cost Laser Engraving Machine

Epilog Low Cost Laser Engraving Machine

Finding a good and low cost laser engraving machine is not easy, especially if you’re new in the laser engraving industry. I have been contacted by several people, who need to start a laser engraving business. Others are already in personalization business industry and want to acquire one for their business.

Laser engraving machines are pricey worldwide. The only place where you can find the cheapest engraving systems is in China. And most people in the engraving industry in Uganda bought theirs from China. However, you have to be extra careful when buying a laser engraving machine from Asia. If you don’t do your research thoroughly, you will get disappointed.

What I am saying is true because I know a colleague at Nasser Rd in Kampala, who bought one from China and failed to use it. He blew his hard-earned money, just because he didn’t know what he was buying. He was tricked by the fact that the machine was very cheap.

From my personal experience, you can find the best low cost laser engraving machine from USA starting from USD 10,000. The manufacturing of laser engraving machines started in USA and spread to other countries in Europe and Asia. So you don’t go wrong buying one from manufacturers like Epilog Laser, Universal Laser and Trotec Laser. You can also get a good low cost laser engraving machine from Gravograph in France.

Universal Laser System

Universal Laser System

Key factors to consider as you look for a low cost laser engraving machine

Each of the manufacturers I have mentioned above has a low cost laser engraving machine. And this is an entry level machine for beginners and people with a limited budget. But you will have to do your research carefully to get the best machine for your business.

Personally, I highly recommend Epilog Laser not only because you can find with them a comparatively low cost laser engraving machine, but because of their customer support as well. Since I bought our machine from them, we have enjoyed their continuous support without any complaint or disappointment. As you look for a low cost laser engraving machine, you should focus most on the following deciding factors.

Trotec Laser Engraving Machine

Trotec Laser Engraving Machine

The machine size

If you’re looking for a low cost laser engraving machine, you’re definitely looking for a small desktop machine. A machine with an engraving area of 12” by 18” is good enough. It can handle most of the engraving jobs you will get.

Laser power

The strength of the laser depends highly on its laser power. A machine with a higher wattage moves faster and cut deeper most materials.  This enables you to handle jobs in the shortest time, hence making more money. As you look for a low cost laser engraving machine, it’s very important to buy one with not less than 30 watts.

Customer support

This is so important because laser machines need proper maintenance to get full value out of them. From time to time, you will need support from the manufacturer to fix some of the technical problems you will encounter in the course of using your machine. You need to buy from manufacturers who provide this kind of support. And it’s one of the reasons I recommend buying from Epilog.


The biggest mistake people who start a laser engraving business make is to buy a machine with too little power. The second mistake is to buy from manufacturers that don’t provide technical customer support. As you look for a low cost laser engraving machine, make sure you avoid falling prey to those mistakes.

If you need help to procure a good machine that is within your budget, Goleza Designers is always available to assist you.


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