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Website Traffic Generators to Focus on to Grow Business Online

Business Marketing

website traffic generators

What are website traffic generators?

To properly understand what website traffic generators are, let’s know the term “traffic” first. Traffic refers to your website visitors or people who visit your website in search of information. They come to your site by doing keyword research. Your website is your online store where you display products for sale. To sell your products, you need to drive so many people to your business. The tools you use to do this are what I will refer to in this article as website traffic generators.

Website Visitors

Website traffic generators are called so just because they generate or create traffic. You need the traffic to do business online. It is essential for your business because it’s your business’ lifeblood. No business can ever survive without customers. Your customers are among those visitors that come to your website. It’s like when people come to your traditional store to either buy or to do window shopping. The more people you receive, the more you are likely to make a sale. It’s the same thing with your online business. You need people to come to your online store (your website) to make a sale. We technically refer to these people as website traffic.

Time matters

Creating traffic, through website traffic generators, takes a lot of time and effort. It requires you to put in time and effort. I repeat you must spend time and put in a lot of effort to drive a steady stream of website traffic to your business. It requires you to be self-disciplined and self-motivated. You must equip yourself with excellent organisational skills and a positive attitude. You must pay attention to detail to generate enough website traffic.

To get enough visitors on your website, you have to get your link to as many sites as you can. Secondly, you have to work towards having your website listed among the top websites on a page. Preferably, it should appear on the first page when one does a keyword search, using your main website keywords. These are the two most essential aspects on which you should always focus.

There are three major website traffic generators. They include having an affiliate program, search engine optimisation (SEO) and article writing. Now let me throw more light on how these three website traffic generators create traffic.

1. Having an affiliate program

Having your affiliate program is a sure way of generating thousands of links to your website. When people join your affiliate program, they link to your website, and this eventually drives the people who visit their sites to your website. Remember that having so many links on many other sites generates traffic to your website.

2. Article marketing

article marketing

Writing articles is rated high among the three website traffic generators. When you write articles and publish them on the internet through online directories, you create links to your site. When people read your posts and find them useful, they follow the link in your resource box to your site to learn more information. Articles generate free targeted traffic. They play a primary role in improving your website search engine ranking.

3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a term online marketer use to refer to the different processes through which you work to have your website visible in the search engine result pages (SERPs). These search engines are websites that move around the internet looking for new webpages to rank. When search engines move around the web, they scan website pages on any site in search of specific keywords. When people (or visitors) do a keyword search at any search engine like Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo, they the results displayed on numerous pages referred to as SERPs.

For your website to appear on the first page, you have to optimise your website’s pages. When people looking for information enter the keywords you used on your website; they can visit your site. Most people always stop at the first or second page, and they get what they want. If your site is located deep inside hundreds of pages, you will never get any visitors through search engines. Think search engine optimisation to drive free targeted website traffic to your site.


As I wind up, I would like to remind you that if you want to succeed in your online business, make sure you focus on link building and search engine optimisation. Build links through having affiliate programs, article and forum marketing. Optimise your website pages and blog content to drive free targeted traffic to your site. Think link building, article marketing and search engine optimisation. Focus mostly on the above-highlighted website traffic generators! You will win!

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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