Deep Engraving Makes Your Art Piece Look Appealing

Deep Engraving

Deep engraving makes your art piece look so appealing. Many times, customers feel so impressed with the depth of the engraving. However, many times, laser engravers in Uganda do not engrave wood deep enough to create this appealing effect. First, it’s because it takes time. Secondly, it’s costly, and most clients prefer not spending much on a job. They, therefore, settle with shallow engraving that fits in their budget.

But if you want something that will appeal to you more, think about deep engraving whenever you have an engraving job if you’re a client. And if you’re an engraver, it’s always good to price your services basing on deep engraving because it’s what will appeal to people, hence attracting more customers. In turn, it places you in a more competitive position in your engraving business.

What is laser deep engraving?

As the term suggests, it refers to etching deep into the hard materials. The material used most in the engraving industry is wood. But there are other materials like metal, Perspex or acrylic, rubber, stones, plastics, tiles, cork and much. All these look good when deeply engraved.

Laser deep engraving is, therefore, the removal of layers of the surface material, leaving a cavity that you can notice with the eye and touch through the process of focusing the laser beam to the material. The amount of material eaten away depends on the strength of the laser machine and the number of passes you run to engrave the material.

It’s important to note that in deep engraving, the laser removes the material in layers by making several passes or runs depending on how deep you want your engraving to appear. At Goleza Designers, we usually make two to three passes when engraving on wood to produce a very noticeable and appealing effect.

Equally important to note is that not all materials need deep engraving. For instance, if you’re engraving on paper, you don’t need to etch deep because you will end up developing holes in it. In another example, photoengraving doesn’t also require deep engraving because you may spoil the quality appearance of the photo.

Advantages of deep engraving to a client

Deep Engraving

One of the benefits of deep engraving to the client is that the engraving looks so appealing. For instance, an award that is deeply engraved will look so lovely in the eyes of others with more perceived value. The laser’s ability to etch deep in sensitive areas and small spots gives a very appealing and professional look. The deeper you go into a material like wood, the darker it becomes and the better the results.

The second advantage is that deep engraving makes the mark more permanent. For instance, when you etch deep into the wood, the score not only stands out but also remains forever and ever even with rigorous handling.

The third advantage is the quality of the product is indisputably good. For instance, a deeply engraved office stamp produces high-quality impressions. The same is with embossing seals. Deeply-engraved rubber stamps provide crystal clear impressions.

Advantages of deep engraving to the engraver

One of the advantages of deep engraving to the person running an engraving business is the benefit of charging a higher price. Quality speaks by itself. When clients find your work right, they’re so much willing to accept the price you charge. It, therefore, enables you to earn big from a job because you can charge a higher price according to how deep you will engrave the material.

Secondly, deep engraving makes you stand out of your competition. You can beat your competition because of the quality of the engraving you offer to your customers.


If you’re sourcing for engraving services, look for service providers that offer deep engraving for your products to come out nicely. And if you are in the engraving business, think deep engraving for your clients to be happy and to stand out of your competition. We offer high-quality, engraving services. Our engraving is clear, accurate and deep. Visit us if you have a job that you want to come out so well.


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