Watermelon Lampshade, a Lampshade that Enhances your Interior Décor!

Watermelon Lampshade

You want to transform any space in your home, bar, restaurant or hotel? One of the quickest and easiest ways to do it is by adding lampshades to your ceiling light. Our watermelon lampshade gives any room a new facelift. Goleza Designers Ltd proudly offers to craft for you this modern watermelon lampshade design.

The decorative watermelon lampshade is one of our extensive selections of handmade lampshades. We make it from wood in the image of a watermelon. As you already may have known, we get the inspiration from the original creations around us. It is why we have created lampshades depicting images of gourds, snail shell, mushroom, clay pot and much more. Their beauty and uniqueness in both style and design are what attracts customers who buy them.

Why should you buy the watermelon lampshade?


As already said, the watermelon lampshade is unique both in style and design. It stands out wherever you use it. Most people admire the art and creativity in it.


Your home is where you spend most of your time. It may be in the bedroom or sitting room. Wherever it is, you need something beautiful that will elegantly compliment your room. The watermelon lampshade can alter the mood of your surroundings. Everyone who looks at it admires it because of its flawless beauty.


The watermelon lampshade is easy to install. No struggle. It’s a clip-on lampshade which you don’t take more than two minutes to fix it onto your ceiling light.


We make our lampshades from wood, which is eco-friendly. It does not cause any danger to the people and the environment. It’s easy to get rid of it when you get tired of it, and you feel like replacing or disposing of it.


We make them when ordered. As a customer, you work with us to ensure that we meet your individual needs when it comes to size and finishing.

If you need to transform your home, hotel, restaurant or bar, think partnering with us to make for the watermelon lampshade that will appeal to everyone. Do you have any question? Use the feedback section below to ask your question.

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