Turbine Lampshade Makes your Home Absolutely Attractive – Assured!

Turbine Lampshade

We don’t just make lampshades to make money, but we partner with you to enhance your interior décor with modern lampshades. Are you looking for a lampshade maker in Uganda to turn your home into a sweeter home? Consider visiting Goleza Designers, specialists in making wooden lampshades with a difference in Uganda. We have several different lampshade designs. And we are continuously creating more designs. This time, let’s introduce to you our fantastic turbine lampshade design.

Enjoy the Beauty of a truly Turbine Inspired Lampshade Design

If you haven’t discovered a proper lampshade for your home, bar or hotel, I think this is a lampshade you will find impeccably attractive. It is unique, beautiful, and decorative with a high perceived value. Above all, we make it from wood, a natural eco-friendly material. We created it, depicting the image of turbines.

A turbine is a machine with at least a moving part called a rotor assembly, which is a shaft with angled blades attached. There are wind and water turbines.

All the hydroelectric dams we have in Uganda and elsewhere in the world use turbines to capture energy from moving water. When water flows through the angled blades, it pushes them around, thereby turning the central shaft to which they are attached. The shaft, in turn, spins the generator that makes electricity, the so-called renewable energy.

The key parts of a turbine are a set of angled blades that catch the moving water or wind. These are the ones that inspired us to make our unique turbine lampshade design. We make the turbine lampshade with wooden angled blades, just like the water turbine. We firmly put together the blades using two round grooved wooden pieces both on top and at the bottom.

Water Turbine

Water Turbine

This turbine lampshade, like our other striped wooden lampshades, produces a striped shadow on the ceiling and wall. The difference is that instead of having 24 vertical wooden pieces, it has 36 of them.

Future improvement of our turbine lampshade

One of the ideas we are pursuing with our turbine lampshade is to make it turn around freely to blow fresh into the room. Because it has angled wooden blades, when it rotates a bit, it can be a useful tool for refreshing the place with good air. We are, therefore, still investigating the best accessory that could make it move.

If we succeed in this plan, our turbine lampshade will serve three purposes. First, it will diffuse light. Secondly, it will serve as a decorative element that enhances the interior décor in any room and as a fan that brings in the fresh air. Do you see the benefit?

How to get the turbine lampshade

If you need the Goleza turbine lampshade for your home, bar or hotel, please come personally to make your order. Alternatively, contact us through our business contacts or our WhatsApp number +256-772-327373 for faster response.


We always get great ideas from our customers and people who follow us. If you have any great view on the best simple tool or way through which we can make our turbine lampshade move, please share with us through the comment section below. We shall be grateful for your contribution.

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