Gourd Shaped Lampshade Gives a New Life in your Home – No Doubt!

Gourd Shaped Lampshade

The gourd-shaped lampshade is one of our favourite lampshade designs we have recently developed. It’s an elegant one-of-a-kind lampshade style that enhances the interior décor anywhere you use it. We make it from wood, an environmentally friendly material and a gift from nature.

This decorative gourd shaped lampshade promotes happiness. Secondly, it gives a warm welcome in the room to the visitors. Thirdly, it helps you to decorate your space and is very suitable for homes, bars, restaurants, hotels and many other public places. The design stands out on your ceiling because of its uniqueness, elegance and attractiveness. There is no doubt. It’s such an eye-catching item you wouldn’t miss adding to your interior décor.

Why did we name it the gourd-shaped lampshade?

We got the idea of crafting this wooden lampshade design from the gourds. As usual, things around us inspire us to imagine, design and turn the images into real products that everyone admires. We purposefully look at the environment around us intending to get ideas to build our business. And by so doing the world reveals to us its beauty, which we share with our customers through the products we make.

Uganda Gourds

The gourd-shaped lampshade design depicts the image of a gourd. Gourds are traditional utensils, which vary in size and shape. In Buganda (or central Uganda), people refer to the small-sized ones as “Ndeku” and the big gourds as “Kita”.

In the rural setting, people still use them to carry water and as containers for milk. In central Uganda, they are famous for traditional ceremonies like introduction ceremonies. And giving out a gourd-shaped lampshade at an introduction ceremony as a gift in Buganda turns out to be a lovely gift idea. No doubt!

Our standard gourd shaped lampshade measures 27 cm high and 26 cm wide. But we can adjust its size to meet our customers’ tastes and preferences.


If you are interested in this beautiful designed gourd shaped lampshade, get in touch with us through our business contacts. Using WhatsApp (+256-772-327373) quickens the communication process. Big orders attract good discounts.

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