Snail Shell Lampshade that Makes Everyone Envious of your Room

Snail Shell Lampshade

The snail shell lampshade design is one of the rare designs we laser-cut from wood. It’s a marvellous and completely one-of-a-kind lampshade, which inevitably makes everyone who steps into your home remain envious.

The snail shell lampshade, made by Goleza Designers in Uganda, is an element any modern person cannot overlook in their interior design. It is eco-friendly because we make it from wood, which is a natural material. This unique wooden lampshade, which produces a striped shadow on the ceiling as well as on the walls, can perfectly enhance your expensive furnishings in your home, hotel, guest house or something. It provides a polished, relaxed and welcoming feel.

When we first created the snail shell lampshade, we happened to move with it in Kampala as we were looking for the best way to attractively finish it. We noticed that many people admired it. Some stopped us and asked for its price, while others could not avoid the temptation of turning their heads to give it a second glimpse. Believably, if you use it in a public place like a hotel, it’s such a beautiful wooden lampshade that offers an attractive look to your guests.

Why did we name it the snail shell lampshade?

Snail Shell

The snail shell lampshade, as the name suggests, depicts the image of the shells of snails, particularly land snails. The look of these shells inspired us to imagine and create a snail shell-shaped lampshade design. As soon as we perceived it, we made a graphic design of it and finally laser-cut it into a real object. There is nothing more exciting to us, creative engravers, than seeing our design becoming an actual product that everyone likes.

Our snail shell lampshade is relatively small with a height slightly above 30cm. The way we finish it depends on the customer’s preference. We can live it in the natural colour of the material we use. Alternatively, we can give it a mahogany wood finish or coffee-brown wood finish. We can also finish it in any other colour shade that completes your interior design needs. It all depends on you.

How to get the snail shell lampshade

In principle, we make these lampshades on request. You will never find them available in stock for sale. When we get orders, then we begin making them. If you need this beautiful snail shell lampshade, visit us to make your order. Though we do the cutting with our machines, we perform most of the work by hand. It means that we need ample time to fulfil the order, especially if it’s a big order.

If you need them for your home, hotel or business, get in touch with us through our business contacts. Alternatively, you can use our WhatsApp number to get a fast response at +256-772-327373.

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