Facebook Marketing: Set Up A Facebook Page To Market Your Business!

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is one of the best social media marketing techniques. With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook offers an excellent opportunity for everyone operating a business to get customers.

While most people join Facebook for fun, a growing number of users have gone further to use it for marketing purposes. If you have been using it only for fun, it’s high time you realised that it’s an excellent resource for getting targeted customers to your business. Secondly, it offers one of the best platforms for building lasting relationships with them to continue having them as your clients.

How do you promote your business with Facebook marketing?

You can promote your business by creating a Facebook page. Most importantly, you need to differentiate between your Facebook profile and Facebook Page. When you join Facebook, you set up an account, and the first account you create is what is known as a profile. Every person who sets up an account on Facebook begins with setting up a profile. This profile is for personal use. You use it to talk about yourself, connect with friends and have fun with your friends to whom you connect. It’s not for business.

If you want to use Facebook to promote your business, you have to set up a Facebook Page. On this page, you can create awareness about your business. You can market or sell your products or services directly online. We refer to the various promotional activities you perform on this page as Facebook marketing.

How do you set up a Facebook business page?

It’s simple but not easy to set up a useful and professional page. In this article, let us limit ourselves to how to set up a page. In our subsequent posts, we shall explain how to set up a killer Facebook business page for your business.

Facebook SetupFacebook Page Setup

To set up a Facebook page, login into your Facebook Account, click on the arrow on the top-right corner of your profile page. In the dropdown menu, select “Create Page”. It’ll redirect you to another page, where you’ll choose one type of business that relates most to your business from the six options provided. What’s important here is to select the most suitable business type. Click on the type of business and follow the instructions carefully to set up the page for your Facebook marketing.
With your Page set up, you can now use it to sell or promote your products or services. Even if you don’t have a website, your page can act as an online store where you sell your products directly to your customers.

How do you sell directly on Facebook?

To sell directly to your customers on your Facebook page, you will need first to set up a Facebook store. And to set up a Facebook store, you need an App to upload your products, price them and to connect all that to some shopping cart to process your payments. You don’t need to create that App yourself because you may not be able to do it. There is quite several software or Apps out there that you can use to allow you to set up your Facebook store quite easily.

Shopify is one of the best and fastest growing e-commerce shopping cart software in the market today. To create your Facebook store through Shopify, you have to add their free Facebook Store App to your Facebook page. You can get additional information on how to get about it on the Shopify website.

What else should you know for effective Facebook marketing?

#1- Optimizing your page

First, when setting up your page, you have to educate yourself about search engine optimisation to select the name of your page. It’s advisable to choose a name that relates to the main keywords of your business. A highly optimised page name is much more likely to be visible and to rank high in the search engines. So, do not select a name for the sake of having a name for your page. Let it be well optimised! Follow this link to learn more on how to Facebook page optimisation!

#2 – Social aspect is key

Secondly, to benefit from Facebook marketing, you have to put into consideration the social issue. You should, first of all, understand that Facebook is more about socialisation. When you set up your page, this should always be your focus. It means that you have to turn it into a meeting place whereby people come and share the same interests, information and feel good. One of the best ways of doing this is by keeping your page updated with valuable content and material. Make it resourceful and have fun through organising events regularly to keep your audience engaged.

#3 – Be personable

Thirdly, being charming is another essential aspect of Facebook marketing. You will post useful content to your page and upload materials like photos and videos, but behind all these activities, there should be a human being. This human being is YOU. You should try as much as possible to, once in a while, bring in humour because one the primary reasons for people to be on Facebook is to have fun. If you are humorous and also provide useful information, you are most likely to build lasting relationships with your targeted customers in the long run.


As I conclude, I would like to remind you that Facebook provides a platform for everyone to interact with others and have fun. Most importantly, it also creates an excellent opportunity for users to do business. If you have read this article, and you already operate a business, think deeply to venture into Facebook marketing!

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