Handmade Wooden Lampshades – Get Artistic Lampshades That Really Stand Out!

Handmade Wooden Lampshades

Handmade wooden lampshades are one of the products we added to our product line in 2017. We cut these lampshades mainly from plywood although we can use even hardwood sheets from local trees like mahogany, mvule and many others. We started with a few designs, but slowly by slowly, we’re adding more designs. Offering a wide selection of shapes and designs to our clients is one of our goals.

Generally, people use lampshades mainly to diffuse light from a lamp or bulb. But our handmade wooden lampshades can redirect the light depending on the design. Additionally, we build them with a decorative element in mind for people who look for something to add beauty in a room. Our handmade wooden lampshades are so eye-catching because they bring a fantastic look and feel anywhere you put them. Although they’re made up of wood, they bring enough light to light up the room.

We make ceiling lampshades as well as freestanding lampshades. Secondly, we also make lampshades you can mount on the wall. There is always a wide selection of options to meet any customer’s needs.

When we ventured into making lampshades, we wanted to offer our clients in Uganda with something unique and decorative as well. Uniqueness is one of our core business values. And if you are looking for a customised engraved product, you will always find it at Goleza Designers Ltd. Our lampshades are different from imported glass or plastic lampshades or chandeliers. They look attractive, yet they’re comparatively low-cost products.

Two types of handmade wooden lampshades offered

Our customers choose from two types of lampshades: the patterned lampshades and the striped lampshades.

Patterned Handmade Wooden Lampshades

Patterned Handmade Wooden Lampshades

The patterned handmade wooden lampshades normally have a square or rectangular shape. We have a great library of patterns from which we make these beautiful lampshades. To make them, we cut small panels with the design of your preference and in the sizes you want, which we carefully fix together with glue.

The laser-cut striped lampshades are quite different in the way we make them. We cut small pieces of wood depicting the shape a customer wants and fix them together with glue. There is a variety of shapes from which you can select. Currently, we have oval shapes, pot-like shapes and bottle-like shapes. We are adding others to meet the varying needs of our customers and ensure that we maintain uniqueness.

Striped Wooden Lampshades

Striped Wooden Lampshades

These striped lampshades produce a striped shadow effect on the ceiling, which makes the atmosphere so different at night. They are so attractive, and when you use them in your business like a hotel, they make a difference. When you use them in your home, they attract the attention of children because of the beautiful environment they create.

6 Reasons for using the Goleza handmade wooden lampshades in your home or business

We believe our lampshades are products everyone can embrace because of the following reasons:

#1 – Uniqueness

If you’re tired of seeing the usual glass and plastic lampshades, you can change to the Goleza lampshades because of their uniqueness.

#2 – Creativity

You can always come with your shape in mind, and we make it for you, thanks to our creativeness. We’re creative engravers who every time bring on the market new shapes to kill the monotony.

#3 – Beauty

Through the decorative style of our handmade wooden lampshades, you benefit from creating a beautiful and refreshing environment in your home or business for everyone to feel good.

#4 – High perceived value

Our lampshades have a high perceived value, yet they are cost effective. If you use them in your business, like a hotel or lodge, you attract customers because people want to associate themselves so much with value.

#5 – Handmade

Although we use a machine to cut the wood into the shapes we want, we do much of the work by hand. Secondly, we create shapes through our imagination of what we want. Our clients, therefore, stand to enjoy several benefits of handmade products. These include uniqueness, already mentioned, the option to customise your lampshades, the ability to fulfil your interests and having lampshades that are worth more.

#6 – Made from natural materials

We craft the Goleza handmade wooden lampshades from timber. This timber is from mainly indigenous trees. Secondly, we leave the wood in its natural form. We can only colour it if a client wants us to do so.


If you are looking for a way complementing your home, business or office with an elegant fashion, you can achieve it with our handmade wooden lampshades. They are unique, beautiful, decorative and eye-catching to everyone. They stand out anywhere you use them.

To make your order, you have to visit our shop to select from the various shapes we offer. We make them when we receive orders. For more information, please get in touch with us through our business contacts.


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