How You Can Train Yourself To Become Persistent

become persistent

Can you become persistent?

The answer is yes. You can quickly train yourself to become persistent, provided you have the right attitude and know what you want out of your life and what to do. Most successful people are not born persistent, but they learn slowly by slowly through training themselves. I would, therefore, like to share with you some of the basics you need to change your state of mind, which will gradually help you to become persistent.

1. Have a purpose.

You cannot become persistent without having an apparent reason for what you want in life. As you want to start a business, what’s your intention to join? How viable is your idea? People, whose reasons to start business enterprises are out of stomach feelings, end up failing at the initial stages. Having a strong reason compels you to overcome any difficulties you may come across in the course of doing your business. And it’s a perfect and most important step in becoming persistent.

2. Have a strong desire.

Learn to keep a strong desire for what you want to achieve in life and to distance yourself from any obstacles that might break your mental and physical energy. Passion and enthusiasm to do your business and succeed is one of the key factors in acquiring persistence. The stronger your desire to work on your business is, the easier it will be for you to become persistent.

3. Work with a plan.

Most people venture into business without any organised plans. It’s one of the causes of failure. Having a written plan and a calendar of activities to do helps you to work towards a definite goal. Even if your ideas are weak, they will still help you to become persistent.

4. Develop a spirit of hard work.

Becoming persistent necessitates you to focus your thoughts on working on your plans to attain your objectives. Focus your mental and physical energy on building your business, following your set goals and objectives. In the process, you will be training yourself to become persistent.

5. Develop a spirit of self-reliance.

Most successful entrepreneurs believe in being masters of their own. They are self-driven and always follow their plans to achieve their objectives. When you believe in your ability to pursue your strategy independently, you set yourself to work persistently towards the attainment of your goals.

6. Get the knowledge and the skills you need for the business.

Knowing what to do and how to do it is one of the critical elements of becoming persistent. Knowledge is power only when you apply it. The best way to learn what you don’t know is either by getting a book to read or by getting someone who knows to teach you.

7. Develop positive habits

You can become persistent if your mind picks and becomes part and parcel of the daily experiences on which it nourishes. Repetition of tasks tends to override the fear and cynicism you had about your business. I have written all the articles I share with my readers simply because I have made it a habit to write at least two articles every week. It’s no longer a big deal to produce a blog post. You, too, you can develop in you the habit of working on tasks consistently and repeatedly to become persistent.

8. Surround yourself with people who can support you.

Nobody has ever succeeded without getting support from others. Business requires you to learn from other people some of the tricks of achieving it. You can do this by seeking assistance from experienced entrepreneurs and successful marketers in various ways. When you surround yourself with positive people, you will be able to become persistent.


In conclusion, let me remind you that any business can be very profitable and can change your life. But people who benefit from business are those who are persistent and hard working. There is nothing like a get-rich-quickly kind of business. You have to work hard and persistently hard. Training yourself to become persistent is vital. It is an excellent way to business success.

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