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Home Based Business: True Story Of Building A Home Business

Business Ideas

rabbits home based business

For a long time, I have been longing to own a home based business, but I could not get the right ideas. While working in Gulu, in northern Uganda, with a reputable child development organisation, I developed a burning idea of making office stamps to sell to schools, hospitals, local government, NGOs and businesses to supplement my income and grow my own home-based business as well. My inspiration was from the fact that all the public offices I visited, the stamps used on official documents were wooden with poor impressions.

In 2008, I made my business plan. I even managed to secure a short term loan to purchase a computer, a stamp-making printer, designing software (CorelDraw Graphic Suite X4) and blank stamps imported from Dubai. When I finally started my home-based business of making stamps in 2009, I got so motivated by making sales I least expected. My stamps appealed to everyone. They were forge-proof and of good quality. I sold them right from the start, and I continue to make sales even now.

How I Established my Home Business Online

Since I was working from home and only in the evening, I found it tiresome to get customers and also to deliver the stamps. My only affordable free marketing strategy was word of mouth. It does wonders for me. Customers started calling me from time to time for my services. I found it bothersome yet I still had to concentrate on my job. I decided to employ a salesperson, who disappointed me by not making any sale in two weeks. Do you know why? She lacked marketing skills.

Considered Hiring a Web Designer First

I thought of having my website with the aim of getting orders to make more sales. Some young man came to my office, marketing his web designing and computer maintenance services. I picked interest in web designing, and he asked me to pay an equivalent of USD 1,300/- to have my website designed and hosted. He gave me a business card, which bore all his contacts, including his website address. But when I tried to load his website, I realised it was with a free host. Besides, it made me feel that he was not an expert.

Opted to Learn Web Designing Instead

Eventually, I chose to design my website. Luckily, I chanced on Web Design Mastery e-books, which I immediately purchased online and started reading. It cost me some good money to print 15 books in colour and to bind them. Hmm buying the e-books was easy because I had the money. But when it came to reading them and understanding the HTML language, the language used in web designing, I was lost. I almost gave up. But since I had spent some reasonable amount of money and that I was enthusiastic about having a website for my home-based business, I had to persevere. I read, read and read until I started understanding the various codes.

After three months of reading, I started designing my first website, golezadesigners.com (now golaserengraving.com), which I hosted with Hostgator in June 2011.

The actual designing took me three months. I designed, designed, redesigned so many times. I spent sleepless nights, and people around me started complaining. Not only that. I even got stressed up due to too much sitting, and my eyes started having a blurred vision because of being on the computer for long every day.

Here Are People Who Opened my Eyes

When I finally launched my website, it was real relief and happiness to see it working correctly, thanks to the good tutorials of Web Design Mastery. Shelley Lowery is my living hero because he opened my eyes to the internet world, where most rich guys have accumulated their wealth. Before I learned web designing, all that I knew about the internet was to surf, receive and send emails. But now, I have known much about internet home based business. I have a personal online home based business as well as a conventional business that I started from home.

Shelley Lowery introduced me to two other websites in one of her e-books, where I had an opportunity to read about Steve Evans’ programs. These inspired me to start yet another home-based business with the Plug-in Profit Site. It further widened my understanding of how I could quickly accumulate wealth by just promoting other programs.

home based business
Marketing other programs needed a lot of internet marketing skills, which Steve Evans took me through one by one, every day and for 30 days. I have now become a marketing expert. My life has changed. I always thank God for giving me that vision of learning to design websites. My eyes grew wide open to the Internet World, where the wealthiest guys in the world have accumulated their wealth.

Are You Ready to Change?

It is my living testimony, and I wish I had godly powers to change the minds of others. I would make everyone on earth the benefits of understanding globalisation. But because I am a normal human being, I can only use a pen to reach many people and through this article of testimony. I, therefore, appeal to whoever chances to read this article, to grab this fantastic opportunity to change your mind.

Learn globalisation. Learn how to benefit from the internet. It’s never late. You can, too, start your own online home based business.

The internet has opened doors for many people to make money from home. But internet business requires proper knowledge about online marketing. Are you determined to learn internet marketing?

I now use my website to receive orders and to provide my customers and visitors with information. I no longer move up and down to pick orders. When I get customers, I use a local courier to deliver the products to my customers. I also use UPS to send the products even outside Uganda. Do you see the power of the Internet? Do you know how you can start and grow your own home-based business?

With your internet business, you can create multiple streams of income. You sell your products over the net. You also earn revenue from marketing affiliate products of other companies.


I would, therefore, like everyone not to be left behind in this era of information. Internet users are increasing every day, and they are all looking for information to better their life. It’s a great opportunity worth grabbing by starting your own internet home based business. Are you ready to do so? Get support from Goleza Designers Ltd!

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!



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