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discover unique, beautiful and stylish laser-cut wood bags made from 3 mm thick sheets of ugandan hard wood !

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laser cut wood bags

laser cut wood bags

Our laser-cut wood bags are a new product in Uganda made by Goleza Designers Ltd (GDL). They are unique, beautiful and stylish both in design and quality. They are made from 3 mm wood sheets of local hard wood, including and not limited to Mahogany, Nkalati, Nkago, Lusambya, Musizi, Mvule and Nzingu.

Our trendy laser-cut wood bags measure 13.97 cm long, 5.4 cm wide and 14.3 cm high. They are among our living hinge product line. We fix the wood pieces together with transparent strong adhesive. We use quality wood finishes to make them look elegant and smooth.

These wooden handbags or purses are suitable for all occasions. You can use them on weddings parties, going to Church and any other occasion. They really stand out and are very appealing.

They are also very good for giving out to your friends and relatives as special gifts. They really make a unique gift idea. Besides, we can also personalize them with texts and graphics to suit your occasion.

How to order this product

To buy these laser-cut wood bags, you can come personally to our shop (see Contacts). Big orders attract very good discounts. We sell to individuals and to retailers.

We also sell them online. You can just click on the link "Buy Online" above to redirect you to our online shop.

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How to handle wood bags

This laser-cut wood bag is perfectly designed to last. But wood, unlike leather, needs to be handled with extra care to guarantee durability. The following are therefore important points to note:

  • Avoid throwing your wood hand bag down, it may break.
  • Do not press heavy things on it, it may still break.
  • Avoid knocking it against hard items.
  • Never put things beyond its capacity. Wood is not elastic.
  • Avoid leaving it with children. They can destroy it if they are not careful.
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