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use durable embossing seals with crystal clear impressions and quality designs from GDL - accessories available

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Embossing Seals (Company Seals)

Embossing seals, also known as embossers or company seals, provide you with an opportunity to have your unique brand image on your most important corporate documents.

At Goleza Designers Limited, we shall professionally craft for you custom-made branded seals with unique designs that you want to improve your business image. We make both corporate and legal embossing seals.

Our embossing seals are engraved from highly durable plastic with metallic handles, designed to last for years. We have two types: the hand model, held in your hands to produce an embossed impression on your documents and the desk model used on your office desk.

Desk Seal

embossing seal desk model

Shiny Model EZ-ED comes in 3 shapes: round (1 5/8" diameter & 2" diameter), rectangle (1"by 2") and square (1 5/8" by 1 5/8"). It has a reinforced high strength steel that ensures durability, quality, and rigidity. Its unique and beautiful finish adds bonus to its excellent mechanism.

Handheld Seal

embossing seal handheld model

Shiny Standard Pocket Seals come in 3 shapes: round (1 5/8" diameter & 2" diameter), rectangle (1"by 2") and square (1 5/8" by 1 5/8"). The soft rubber grip makes it comfortable and easier to emboss when holding with palm. The plastic Case makes it convenient to store and portable. It's also durable and beautiful.

Seal Impression

embossing seal impression

The impressions of our embossing seals are crystal clear. We use Delrin, a lightweight and wear-resistant material to laser engrave elegant impressions with logos integrated in them if required.

Seal Sticker

embossing seal sticker

We also have quality seal stickers available in different colors. They are sold at a very low price. Stick them on documents you want to emboss to create a unique, elegent and outstanding impression.

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